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Nikon 8mm 2.8 Ai-S: Reasonable price?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Stephan Ruhrmann, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for one of these to accompany my D3.
    What is a reasonable price for a mint one?
    Can get my hands on one for about $3.300,-, but don't forget, I'm living in Europe, (Nikon-) life is expensive over there!

    Thanks for your input!
  2. Challenge #1: find one!
    In your case, that is taken care of. The rest is needing one (or wanting one badly enough). If you do, I'd say the price is all right.
  3. Excellent used copies of the 8/f2.8 AIS are sold in the US for $1800. KEH.com has them most of the time, and I can't remember seeing them go over $2099. Even with import duties these will be less expensive than the $3300 that you're being quoted. Hmm... they only have an ugly one at ($1120) at the moment.

    Frankly a choice that is very competitive is a new Sigma 8/f3.5 or a slightly older (~1 year) Sigma 8/f4. These are not quite as sharp as the Nikkor - I rented an 8/f2.8 before I bought my 8/f4 Sigma.

    However, the Sigmas are a ***LOT*** smaller and don't need anywhere near the coddling to transport. The 8/f3.5 weighs 400g and measures 74x69mm, while the Nikkor weighs 1100g and measures 123x128. The Nikkor looks like a monolith rising out of the camera bag - seriously, it takes up almost as much space in the bag as D3 with a small lens.

    And as you might guess the Sigmas are also vastly less expensive. I picked up an 8/f4 (with an aperture ring, as my FX cameras are all MF!) for under $400 at KEH. A new 8/f3.5 runs about $600 at B&H and presumably about $800 new in the UK. They're AF too, although that's of minor value in an 8mm fisheye.
  4. Frits: In this forum we (almost) never talk about needing, do we :wink:

    blw777: Thanks for the tip about the ugly one, I checked it out, but prefer nicer glas.

    The Sigma's are for sure a more economical choice but I like the feeling of hooking this thing to my F2AS, you know :biggrin:

    Thank's so far fellow shooters!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 11, 2008
  5. > ugly one

    I wouldn't get one of those either. But if you're not in a major hurry, watch that space at keh - they usually have an EX or EX+ one in stock for around $1800-$1900. Sometimes two, and I can remember seeing three at once in the past few months.

    > I like the feeling of hooking this thing to my F2AS, you know

    I can relate, but my camera bag is already heavy enough to need wheels, and adding an 8/f2.8 would definitely make that a lot worse!
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