Nikon AF-S 28-70 f2.8D IF-ED - 900$ ?

Mar 9, 2005
North Jersey
I have an option to purchase Nikon AF-S 28-70 f2.8D IF-ED for 900$.

Lens is 5 year old and in excellent shape as per owner. What are your opinions ? Can I get extended warranty ? Should I be worry about lens being 5 years old ?

I know about the quality and other options 17-55 / 85 etc etc. I know I want to get this lens before I go on vacation but I'm just curious about it being 5 year old.

Here are few pictures

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May 11, 2005
Chicago, IL
Hi Jay,

If you know that the current owner is gentle with their equipment, if the piece looks to be in excellent condition, if you have had an opportunity to shoot some images with it, if it is quiet/doesn't howl/rattle, etc., it seems like a great purchase. It looks like a welcome addition to the list of pieces that you currently own.

Not sure about how to get an extended warrantee?!? But it would be nice!
Feb 2, 2005
Real Name
Nothing is loose, right? the only thing is the flange in the back that sticks into the camera looks a bit dinged up. It probably has no effect on it's function, but indicated the lens has been changed hurriedly on multiple occasions. Check the electrical contacts to be sure they don't wobble, as that could be a cause of failure. Make sure the mechanical lever works smoothly too.
Apr 24, 2005
Northern , New Jersey USA

I bought my 28-70 used, From RF Nikon, great guy. It is a beautiful lens, and I spent a grand. I got a bargain. I tried the 17-55, I returned it, it was not as good in my humble opinion. As far as the warranty goes, call Nikon and ask them the 3rd tier or highest cost for repair for that lens. They have low, med, and high so to speak pricing tiers. I f the repair is a lot less than the difference between new and what you are paying for it, buy the used lens. As long as it works properly when you get it, you can always have it repaired later, if needed and still save money. CS Dayan


I agree

with Spanishbayonet. Call Nikon and see what it takes to repair the lens, assuming not lens scratches. Then check for scratches and dust.

I believe in buying user lenses. More value here. If the lens has problems later, send it in and have it overhauled.

Nikon is pretty good fixing stuff.
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