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Nikon Announcements

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crayaco, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Here is the Nikon USA news release site. So far nothing on D200 or new lenses.

    Nikon USA

    I do like the WiFi on the new CoolPix cameras.
  2. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I guess I have to thank Nikon for not releasing anything tempting. The S4 looked promising, until I read the specs. No A, S or M, only program mode. No manual focus. The 6 mp would have doubled my aging CP990, but without creative control, forget it. Thanks for helping me save money, Nikon, I'm sure my fuel oil man will appreciate my ability to pay his bills this winter.
    D200 is still months off, reminds me of the D2x, and others.....
  3. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    What a non-event.
  4. Fascinating read on DPR regarding the d200. Jeff-c seems to have inside information, and in the lead post, made on Sunday, stated that the d200 would not be introduced on 9/1, but that 4 new Coolpix models would be. If his information is as accurate about the d200, it's worth waiting for!

  5. I noticed Jeff's posts as well. He did nail it.

    I hope he is right about the D200. Sounds like a new sensor, which is what I was hoping for.
  6. Frank,

    That was a good read. His info sounds more solid than anything I have read.
  7. OMG, Ed. Are you going to buy another camera? :tongue:
  8. More importantly, his input makes the d200 sound like everything I had hoped it might be :biggrin:.
  9. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    The other place is reporting the discontinuance of the D100. It seems to have disappeared from the Nikon Japan DSLR line-up, but is still listed at Nikon USA.
  10. Here's a summary of jeff-c's predictions.

    Spec's are pretty much same as what have been floating around: F6/F100 style body, 11 point AF system, 10mp, 5fps, 50ms shutter lag, built-in flash with better CLS control capability than D70/D70s, etc.

    The D70 main flash can be acted as a master with limited capability… In other words, the built-in flash in D200 is as capable as the SB-800 as the master.

    The D200 viewfinder will have a very good viewfinder magnification. Exactly spec can't be revealed but suffice to say it's among the top of line. The back LCD is also top of the class.

    It's pretty safe to say it's CCD, very likely a Sony one and highly possible the delay of D200 is due to this component (my speculation).

    DX format CCD, 10.something mp, ISO 100-1600. D100/D70 compatible battery with a higher capacity introduced, making three different capacity of same size battery.

    Handgrip available, and a lot of small details I don't remember.

    Better than EOS-1D Mk II shutter lag time, probably due to using F6/D2 shutter system.

    Price is going to be attractive as it's aiming mainly at the 20D. Expect it priced closer to 20D than 5D.

    From what I learn the AF system is based on MultiCAM 2000 but it seems to be an improved version. Still 11 AF points but the grouping is different than the D2/F6.

    Flash synch speed isn't super impressive, 1/250 if I remember correctly. FP or not, no idea.

    it's targeted squarely at the 20D, not 5D.

    I do hope they announce D200 this week, given Nikon's history of announcing products way ahead of time, I do wonder why they don't this time. I hope I am wrong, or my info is wrong, as I also have 2k hot money in my pocket as well. :) 
  11. obelix


    Mar 17, 2005
    Fremont, CA, USA
    Thanks for the summary, UF. It may be 10.8 MP is what I gather elsewhere.
  12. Heh, yep, I sure am.

    What I want and don't have is a camera that does clean enough ISO 1600+ under the sort of circumstances I want to use it.

    The D2X is not capable of it. I'm okay with that. The D70 is close, but not quite. I used a 20D along side the D70 for about 6K shots each, and it does it quite well. But, I sold the 20D off as I thought it was better to spend money on one lens system. Plus the banding thing just plain pissed me off.

    Other cameras I tried out for this role including the KMinolta 7D. That anti shake is awesome, but their high ISO shots are obliterated by the NR. They do a nice clean job of it, but the photos don't print well even at 8x10.

    So I will probably wait until Nikon does a better high ISO camera. This could be the D50, or even better the D200.

    The D70 would then be handed down. I have one sister teaching art and photography at a university and a niece that just started college studying photography, so I have plenty of need that I am happy to fill as I wend my way through the gear. I keep a rather large pool of relatives in cameras on top of that.
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  13. caero

    caero Guest

    What I find most intrigueing is the fact that he says it's a CCD that can do ISO 100. That would be a first, at least for Nikon camera CCDs.
  14. Nothing groundbreaking. My Coolpix 995 (CCD sensor) was rated at iso100.
  15. I think Jeff-C predictions are very close to reality since they are almost the same as informations I got from an inside source from Nikon Canada back in January this year. The source (met at a casual dinner in an environmental engineering technical meeting) seems to be «reliable» since it belongs to technical designing staff for industrial optical instrumentation.

    At the time, the source said :

    - Imaging sensor : some new sensor (more than 10 Megapixels) developped using what Nikon has learned from R&D done on the LBCAST. On a CCD, I asked. The answer was may be not, may be CMOS (which doesn't make sense to me but I don't know much about sensor technology). It also said if the new sensor is not ready for the end of the year (that tends to confirm the new camera availability for the end of this year), the D2X sensor will be used.

    - the new camera will have the HSC with «highly possible» 3 frames/second for highest resolution and 5 frames/second for half resolution. It will have a larger image buffer than D100 something like 8 Raws for highest resolution and double for half resolution.

    - ISO down to 100. Better algorithms to reduce noise higher ISO (it mentioned 400 and 800) for both luminance and chroma.

    - AF could be a «downgraded» CAM2000 developped for the next generation of low-end DSLRs which will replace the D50 and D70 (future D90???). But it thinks in the new camera, AF will be CAM2000 improved through D2X.

    - the viewfinder will be a «very, very good» one that can compete with the professional grade viewfinder.

    - the back LCD will be 2.5 inches with improved resolution. May be RGB histogram will be available.

    - the body will be something like the F6 but of a lesser grade.

    - built-in flash was an issue that was decided yet at the time.

    - separate handgrip available with some goodies.

    - price tag for camera and handgrip combination : under 3000 $ CDN (roughly under 2500 $ USD).
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