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May 7, 2005
Germany / Bavaria
I. Explanations about the Nikon Cafe Challenge

The Nikon Cafe Challenge consists of 4 threads started by the recent Challenge Leader:

1. the Topic Thread: to reveal the theme and the time frame.
Start this thread as soon as you have decided on the topic. Give some
explanation and examples if you like.

a. The Topic will be picked by the Challenge Leader (mind that
everybody should be able to participate). The Challenge Leader posts it when he is ready.

b. The Rules of the competition are posted here. The Challenge leader,
must decide on the rules we will be playing by. To make this task
easier, we have collected the evolved common rules below, which can be
refer to in the Topic post, or be the base to build alternate rules on.

c. The submission time should be approximately 2 weeks (give or take a few
days more or less), this way everybody should have enough time to think,
plan and take the picture and to post it. The time period will be decided
by the Challenge Leader, and should be exactly defined: for example:
from Monday, 01. January, 2006, 8.00 UTC GMT till Sunday, 14.
January, 2006, 23.59 UTC GMT
To avoid a time discussion best use this link to help:
d. Any discussion, questions pleas and other comments on the topic or rules
of the Challenge may be posted to this thread. The Challenge Leader should
monitor this thread so as to be available to answer any pertainent

2. the Submission Thread: will be started right after by one of the Moderators, in which the
submissions will be entered by the participants anonymously. Only picture submissions
are allowed in the Submission thread. Non picture posts will be removed.

3. the Voting Thread: in which the votes will be posted, best
started when the submission time has ended. Again, only votes are allowed
here. This Thread is posted by the Challenge Leader again.
(a) Voting time should be around one week (again give or take a few
days), to give everyone enough time to review and rate the

(b) While voting, everyone is allowed 3 Votes:
first place (counting 3 points),
second place (counting 2 points) and
third place (counting 1 point).
Each entry can be voted for once! (either 1st, 2nd or 3rd),
that is, each vote must be for a different entry, but no more than 3 entries can be voted for (the points can't be split across multiple entries).
You may also say why you voted for the pictures you did.​

(c)It is not necessary to have participated in the challenge,
to give a vote. But if you did participate, don't vote for your own entry :rolleyes:

4. The Result Thread: in which the first, second and
third place will be posted after the Challenge Leader has counted the
votes. All the congratulatory messages also go here!


II. The Nikon Cafe Challenge Basic Rules

The set of Rules, as stated here, has evolved from the beginning of the
Nikon Cafe and have been in place for many of the previous Challenges.
But the current challenge leader has the freedom to alter them if necessary,
for instance to to be able to realize a certain challenge idea.

The Challenge Leader can refer to these rules in the Topic thread.
Or just copy these, right from this page, then Paste them into the
Challenge Topic page, and alter them where necessary.


1. Every participant is allowed one picture per challenge.

2. The picture has to be taken between the submission start and end date.
This is to make it a "Challenge" and not just another "Best
Picture Contest"

3. The posted picture must remain unaltered, once posted.
But the text of the participation may be edited/changed, as often as
necessary (for possible exceptions contact the Challenge Leader)!

4. Pictures may be processed/edited and worked on, in post production
before submitting them, but the main picture/content must have been
taken during the submission dates.

5. Somewhat controversial pictures are permitted, but please use your
judgment and keep it within reason.
( Note that this community should
remain suitable for all age groups )

6. If there are any questions or obscurities the Challenge Leader is the
person to appeal and to decide.

7. The actual Challenge Leader has the freedom to alter the rules,
if reasonable (except Rule 5 perhaps). But he/she has to make sure the rules
are clearly stated and applied to all submissions.

8. Please try to keep the identity of the photographer/participant hidden
(as long as the challenge is running, and voting isn't finished)

So don't include the name or post the picture anywhere else on the cafe for the duration of the challenge! Don't use pictures, that where already shown/posted in the cafe before.


III. Further Guidelines and Suggestions
for Participation:

- Please feel free to give your picture a title, and even explain it a little!

- When posting the submission it is might be welcomed, to share some
Information about the shot. This could be done by posting the EXIF-data or
just sharing the equipment used or the exposure. For example:

Shot_on_Date, Focal_Length, Aperture, Shutter_Speed, ISO, Priority,
Metering, Compensation, Flash​

- Try to keep the submission at 965 pixels (extreme formats,
like panoramas, may require more). Just keep in mind the cafe server resizes
pictures larger than 965 pixels and provides a link to the original size.

- To save even more bandwidth, it might be reasonable to adjust the
compression (while saving it as jpg), to keep the file size under 500kb
(jpg-compression: 60%-80% may be optimal for most pictures).
This should keep loading times to a minimum.


If there are any questions regarding the Challenges or any technical aspect
of participating or submitting, please don't hesitate to contact either me
or the current Challenge Leader.

We will be happy to help.
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