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Aug 21, 2009
Darmstadt, Germany
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As some of you might have noticed, the Nikon Cafe was unavailable. We had an issue with the databases and after some lengthy trouble shooting, realized we had to restore them from one of the backup files. This meant everything posted after the backup would be lost, so we shut down the Cafe to minimize the loss. During the process, we ran into some unexpected problems that took a bit longer to resolve.

The most recent backup we could use was from yesterday morning. We apologize for any lost posts and PMs.
Jan 15, 2008
No problem and thanks for the hard work.

This is nothing. I'm a member in some other forum where a crash took us all back in time 9 weeks. That caused some confusion. :biggrin:
May 7, 2007
Canadian Prairies
May I take this opportunity to say that although I don't contribute much in the way of information or intelligent posts, I do appreciate the hard work and dedication from the people that maintain this website. Also appreciation to the many very talented photographers who generously post and answer questions and so willingly share their knowledge. The excellent and creative images posted by the regular posters give us a level to aspire to. This is a rich learning ground for all of us.
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