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  1. so what do you guys think about this software? i have the d70 and am thinking about getting a copy. the time lapse work really interests me.

    do you have any examples that you created with CCP?
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  2. This really doesn't do much unless I'm confused as to what you are thinking it does for you?

    I have it, and it is just a way to have the PC control the camera (or rather, you control the PC to control the camera). You have access to almost all the settings you use to take a picture with. What is good is if you have a custom tone curve, you can load it with this. Also, I like how I can tell it to take a picture and the picture can be saved on my PC hard drive. USB 1.1 is not very fast (roughly 4-5 seconds/raw file) but it's a neat feature nonetheless.
  3. i understand the basc features of it but i also saw somewhere that you can take timelaps shots. set up the camera so it fires (for example) every 2 seconds for [how ever long] the desired time. if you clip them together, itd be similar to a movie (not sure how else to describe it.)

    sorry if i am unclear, and please correct me if im wrong here.
  4. Yes, it does let you do that. The intervalometer allows this.

  5. i see B&H has the software for $70. do you think it's worth it?
  6. I can't really say since I don't use it all that often anymore. Worth is hard to determine. Do you think you need those features or would use them enough to justify that?
  7. I ordered a copy this week to be able to shoot tethered. I will let you know my thoughts once I have used it.
  8. awsome, thanks.

    yeah i pretty much would like to get a copy just to play around with it and experiment a bit. and for 70 bucks, i dont think its that bad.
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