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  1. I just got news this week that I was being relocated to Montreal... So I called Nikon Canada today to have a timeline in regards to the camera I sent last week... It is ready and I will get it this Friday with my flash :smile:

    I am more than impressed with their service will have to call back on Friday and I am thinking about sending them all (All the techs...) Movie tickets!

    Now I need a new lens faster than anticipated :biggrin:

    Okay so in order to get a N.P.S. # all I need is another Nikon professional body and 2 more professional lenses. Kudos Nikon and Kudos their tech support and customer service.
  2. BACK,..... to M-town........ again?
    Good Grief !
    Fortunately I know you have assetts in both cities : ~ )
    Good luck Bro!
  3. Are you really already heading back to Mtl???
  4. emidyl


    Jan 28, 2007
    I'm outta the loop. I thought you were in Mount Royale?
    I just spoke to Nikon Can today about the service advisory on the D2H.

    Glad you got some timely service. I once had my 5700 in there for 3 weeks to fix a dead pixel.
  5. Yup, have to take care of a Montreal account... Got the news yesterday. I am either leaving on Monday for MTL or in two weeks...

    Yes I am. I have a wedding to attend this Saturday (not mine!:rolleyes: not yet...) And then I could get the go ahead either for Monday or end of May.

    I was in Montreal, was relocated to Toronto 4 weeks ago and now I am being relocated back to Montreal... And... and I love Toronto
  6. What did they tell you ?
  7. kevin.sinn

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    My 18-200VR has been there for almost 7 weeks. My old D70 was there twice and was back within 10 days both times. Perhaps there is a different wait for lenses versus camera bodies?

  8. It surely depends if they needs parts from overseas... I was told if they needed parts it was going to take a few weeks.
  9. I have had only great experiences with Nikon Canada. I live 1 hour east of them and twice I've been there. Once with a D70 for a ? lens fit problem (70-200 vr) which they reassured me was ok and at the same time did a firmware upgrade, and second with my D200 for dust in the viewfinder. All were done for me immediately while I waited without charge.
  10. emidyl


    Jan 28, 2007
    I was told that they would fix the D2H regardless of how old or long I had it.
    (looking at getting a great used copy-approx 14k actuations) with regard to the meter and AF issues many have experienced.

    The 5700 I was told was waiting for a part but when I complained, they gave it back to me the next day with the dead pixel fixed. So go figure...
  11. I guess I already know the answer but I'll try claaing them soon to see if thay be willing to repair my US D2H body. :Whistle: If not, I guess I'll live with it for a while to see if the "ERR" messages get more frequent. Then I might need to find some in the States to help me have it repaired by Nikon USA. :confused:
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    I'm happy to report that after almost 7 weeks I have my 18-200VR back from Nikon Canada. It arrived today - and after testing with my D200 - all is well. They replaced the Silent Wave Motor. Hopefully this one will last longer than 3 weeks!