Nikon Capture 4.2.1

Mar 1, 2005
Seacoast, NH
Nikon Capture 4.2.1 has been released.**&p_li=

Below is an excerpt of fixes from the Nikon website:

What is this?
This is Nikon Capture 4.2.1 Update for Windows.
Nikon Capture 4 version 4.2.0 must be installed before proceeding with this update. Any version of Nikon Capture from version 4.0.0 to version 4.1.3, please upgrade to version 4.2.0 before proceeding with this update. Turn off all virus-scanning software and exit Nikon Capture or any other application that may be running before proceeding with this installation. If Nikon Capture 4 version 4.2.1 is to be used with Nikon View, please be sure to use Nikon View version 6.2.0 or later. However, Nikon View does not support the new functions introduced with Nikon Capture 4 version 4.2.0.

Note that memory requirements have increased to a minimum of 256MB of RAM (768MB or more recommended).

- You must have Administrator authority when installing the Software Updater under Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
- This Updater Software cannot be used to upgrade a language version of Nikon Capture 4 other than Japanese to the Japanese version.

What is new/Content Description
Nikon Capture Editor
Support for RAW images captured with the D2Hs has been added.
Some of the information displayed in the Shooting data area has been changed.
- Long Exposure Noise Reduction: changed from Off or Fixed pattern to Off or On.
- High ISO Noise Reduction: changed from Off or On to Off, On (Normal), or On (High) (D2X and D2Hs only)

The shape of the Draw Level cursor for the Straighten function (Image menu>Rotate) has been changed.

Nikon Capture Control
Support for the D2Hs has been added.
The Noise Reduction checkbox in the Image Processing panel has been changed to a pop-up menu offering selection from Off, On (Normal), and On (High) options. (D2X and D2Hs only)

Corrections to Nikon Capture 4 version 4.2.1
When the Sort button in the Multi-Image window was clicked and images were sorted with the File Type and Date of Recording Sort Key, numbers following the decimal point in the date of recording were not reflected in sort results. This problem has been corrected.
The following problems with the Straighten function (Image menu>Rotate) have been corrected.
- With some computer environments, the Draw Level cursor could not be seen.
- When RAW images captured with the D1X were straightened, saving the images in TIFF or JPEG format caused the images to be distorted.

White balance for RAW images captured with the camera below was affected when "Set Color Temperature" was selected from the pop-up menu in the White Balance palette, even when the same white balance setting as that at which the image was captured was selected for "New WB".
- D2X: "Daylight (Direct sunlight)" or "Standard Fluorescent (Cool White)" selected for "New WB".

When image adjustment settings copied from an image were pasted to another image, the value applied for Fine Adjustment in the White Balance palette with Color Temperature selected from the pop-up menu was not reflected. This problem has been corrected.

When a large number of images were processed using Batch processing, Nikon Capture sometime quit unexpectedly or the computer froze. This problem has been corrected.

Captured images were not displayed in the Multi-Image window Thumbnail area despite Show it with the Multi Image Window being selected for When a new image is received from camera in the Camera Control Download Options dialog. This problem has been corrected.

With Nikon Capture 4 versions 4.0.0-4.1.3 updated to version 4.2.0, sometimes the dialog for entering the product key was displayed in some computer environment when Nikon Capture is running. This fault has been corrected.

Compatible OS platform
Pre-Installed versions of:
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows ME Windows 98 SE
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
What's included in the download
Nikon Capture 4.2.1 Update for Windows
Special Notes
Nikon Capture 4.2 must be installed before using this update. Click Here to download Nikon Capture 4.2 User Manual

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