Nikon Changing their Lineup?

Oct 9, 2005
Moscow, Idaho
I shoot because I enjoy it. The creativity, the learning, the mistakes, the trial and error, the experience, the feel of my equipment, simply being where I am are all more important that the final finished product. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a great photo—but I don't sell 'em—I stick them on a wall, give them away, shoot them as gifts, add them to my screen savers.
Being the first to whip an image through the murk of the internet is not for me.
I shoot for me!
Jul 8, 2019
SF Bay Area, California, USA
I try to get as many players as I can. That is difficult with the second and third string sometimes not playing often.
One problem with machine culling is, sometimes my only shot of a player is not a very good one, and would likely be culled by a machine. In fact I have kept slightly out of focus or less than good shots that I would normally cut, just because that is the only shot I have of a player.

But I see how it can be a help, if it works reasonably well. The only way to tell is to actually give it a test.
BUT, from a practical POV. I do not have the upload bandwidth to upload 800 images of one game. That would take a couple of days, or more. Limited upload bandwidth is why I edit pics so they are not 20MB, and limit the games to less than 100 images.
Though now I'm curious and may give the free trial a try, just to satisfy my curiosity as to how good it works.

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