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Nikon CLS with D2h and SB600

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by ashman, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Ok so I have a D70s and I know I can set it to commander mode to wireless trigger one or two remote flashes, in my case two SB600's and the flash on the D70's will not contribute to the lighting of the subject, in fact my understanding is it does not have this capability, am I correct so far?

    How can I use a D2h body to accomplish the same thing? Do I need an SU-800 on the D2h to do this?

    Also if I wanted to add a third SB600 to the mix, am I ok in terms of it being wirelessly triggered by the D70s?


  2. You have a couple of misunderstandings as I see it. First of all the D70 flash in commander mode will/or will not contribute to the subject lighting depending on how you have it set. Second, the SB600 can not be used as the master on the D2H. To have a master/remote arrangement you need the SB800 to act as the master. Even better would be the SU800 with its IR method of communicating to the remote flash(s). The SU800 will control three different groups of flashes independently.
  3. Ok so I can't use a third SB600 on my D2h as a master, got it. Can I use just an SU-800 by itself or will it only work in conjunction with an SB800. Or should I just get an SB800 to use as a master with my two SB600's?

    All I want to do is wirelessly trigger two SB600's as my strobes from my D70's, which I think I already know how to do using the CLS, however if I wanted to use my D2h, what's the best way to accomplish this?


  4. foto1139


    Feb 6, 2006
    either SU or SB will work. Might as well have the SB, that way you have an extra flash.
  5. The SU800 is not a flash it is simply a controller of external flashes it does not light your subject. The SU800 will trigger off camera SB800's or SB600's. You can also trigger remote SB800's or SB600's with a SB800 mounted on the hot shoe of your D2H. For my purposes I much prefer to trigger them with my SU800 because it uses IR and does not affect the lighting on my subjects or does it cause them to blink.
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