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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by David Collignon, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas.

    I was wondering what people's thoughts are on the Nikon Coolwalker. I have a opportunity to purchase one prior to going on vacation and thought it might be a better way to go rather than purchasing more CF cards. For those who own one, I was just curious if you like or dislike and pro's and con's.

    My feeling is that they should be coming out soon with something newer and a little more advanced soon and that's why they are clearing them out.

  2. I have the Coolwalker (30GB MSV-01). I find that it works beautifully and is very well made. My use is for storage, not for viewing. I like its size and carrying pouch that comes with it. I only use it a few times a year, for example when we go on vacation. I have several GB of CF cards, which I will fill up during the day. Then, in the evening I will download the cards into the Coolwalker.
    I must say that I saw more use for it some time ago, when CF cards were more expensive. Now I have plenty of CF space when I go shooting for a day, so the Coolwalker is for extended time away from my PC only (I never drag my laptop around when I go on vacation).
  3. I love mine Dave. It does everything it is supposed to VERY well. I paid 499.00 for mine and still love it :^)
    They are going cheap now but for what you mentioned above it is great. I have used mine on 5 day shoots where I would load the cards to the coolwalker and my laptop for redundancy, but the reliability of the coolwalker is good enuf that I would not be concerned with it as the only back up if conditions dictated that. I only like it tho with AC power as the battery does not last long enuf to fill the drive.
    have a GREAT vacation, and btw, where are you going?
  4. Thanks Dave,

    Were off to Cuba in February.
    It's a popular place for us Canucks
  5. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    I found I liked the specs of the Epson P-2000 better and went that way. The Epson has an absolutely wonderful display 3.8" and a larger hard drive 40GB. Now they make a P-4000 that has an 80GB drive.
  6. Thanks Todd,

    Am I correct that you cannot view NEF files with that
  7. viewing is a nice extra, but certainly not the reason for the device. The coolwalker will let you zoom in on nef files to check capture sharpness and will also give you a histogram and other features. The epson is attractive for the extra capacity primarily.
  8. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005

    It will display JPEG stored in the header of RAW files. It will give you shooting info on the screen for both .jpg and .nef but you can only use the histogram with .jpg files.
  9. Thanks Todd

    I will have a look at it also
  10. mcampos


    Apr 14, 2005
    Norwalk, CA

    >> Were off to Cuba in February <<

    Please do post some pictures when you come back. Where are you going in Cuba?
  11. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Well if you want a PSD for storage as opposed to viewing, consider the PD70x. Better battery life and faster download speeds (much faster from what I've heard), and it costs quite a bit less than the models with color LCD's.
  12. To a resort in Holguin
  13. Just curiuos David, did you find a place that has the coolwalker, I did a search this morning and have not found any available???
    Sounds like a GREAT vacation, enjoy it thoroughly and bring back lots of data bits to share :^)
  14. Hi Dave,

    Don's photo in Winnipeg had one left.It appears to have been a store model, the battery was already in it but all the cords were still sealed. The only problem is that the box didn't have the power cord/recharger in it. They are looking for it and if they cannot find it, they would order one in for it.
  15. Dave:
    I like the idea of the coolwalker as the price for me to use is quit goood......
  16. For Sure Douglas
    But for me the opportunity to use a D200 is even more exciting
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