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Nikon D200 Extended Service Contract

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Baywing, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    Here's the scoop, from my dealer. They are coming. They say the price should be $100 or less, but I'm inclined to go more with the Adorama report from their website of $140, seems more like what Nikon would do. As for getting one, according to Nikon, you have to purchase the ESC with the camera or within 10 days of the camera purchase to be eligible. I'm assuming they are making some consideration for those who already have the camera in hand until the ESC becomes available. The bottom line here, if you are planning on waiting for a while (after the ESC is released) you will be out of luck. Start making your plans now. I think I will spring for it if under $140, just one pixel mapping at the 3 year point will more than pay for itself. YMMV.
  2. Thanks, this is in line with what I have heard, the $140 range, not the <$100. And, yes, if they don't make a consideration for those of us that purchased in December I'm sure that the outcry would be huge.

    Question now is which will show up locally first? My EN-EL3e or my ECS????? :biggrin:

  3. txbonds


    Dec 10, 2005
    I bought my D200 from Cameta Camera. Called them back the next day to inquire about the warranty and they agreed to match a price I found online of $99 at a NY Dealer. I think the price was an error as the dealer since changed it, but none-the-less Cameta gave me that price.

    Well a few days later I received notice that the warranty had shipped separately from the camera and that it was on the way. The warranty invoice called it a D70/D100 warranty.

    In a panic I called Cameta and they assured me it was correct and that Nikon USA just hadn't issued newly printed warranty cards that included the D200 on that list. Not being one to believe that explanation, I called Nikon ESC customer service direct and inquired.

    Low and behold they told me that this was correct. That Nikon was simply waiting on a newly printed supply of warranty cards that included the D200 camera on the list, and that is what would be issued to the dealers. They informed me that Cameta was correct and that the warranty they sent me would be accepted without problem by Nikon USA for my extended service.

    Just my experience and take it for what it's worth.............
  4. 3 Year Mack Pro Warranty - $45.00

    Don't pay more!

    I've gotten two warranties from these people. They are legit.

    Mack Warranty at fair price

  5. This is NOT, and I repeat NOT the same as the Extended Service Contract from Nikon. With a MACK warranty you don't send your camera to Nikon for service after the Nikon warranty. The Nikon ECS is just that, adds 2 years to the standard Nikon Warranty.

    I don't know what your experience has been with MACK, but I have one on my Sigma 500 and I have been told tha once the Sigma portion of the warranty is up I send the lens to the MACK and they take care of things from there. At the very least this takes more time and AFAIK this does not include things such as a yearly CLA, which in and of itself will almost pay the cost of the 2 year ECS.

    I could be wrong, and if so please point me to where MACK says that you send your product right back to the manufacturer direct and then MACK takes care of the cost. Remember that for out-of-warranty service, or even for something that Nikon deems not covered under warranty, such as the infamous "bent aperture lever", you are required to OK an estimate before they wil touch the repair. Doing this yourself causes delay, having an added 3rd party in the way can't make things any faster.
  6. I spoke with Nikon Tech Support and I really wasn't tremendously happy. They told me that you need to get the ECS from the same place you bought the camera. But they could not tell me exactly what the terms would be for timing, either on having the warranties available or how those of us who already have the cameras would be grand-fathered. They suggested I contact my dealer and have them get in touch with the Nikon rep, which I wil do tomorrow just because I am a glutton for punishment. They did tell me that on the D70 you have to buy the ECS when you buy the camera and then register it within 10 days and they expected the D200 to be along the same lines.

    This is even more puzzling to me than not having EN-EL3e's ready to go. At least the batteries require some sort of manufacturing, but the ECS could easily be done with no physical paper at all.

    I am going to try to get a definitive answer from them, I'd rather not have any hassle when the day comes that I can purchase one.
  7. Sorry, I didn't even know Nikon offered an exended contract. I didn't read the posts closely enough.

    As far as Mack - if the camera gets fixed properly it doesn't bother me if they do it or Nikon does. I figure they're going to have to use Nikon parts anyway.

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