nikon d40 vs canon eos 400D

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  1. hi, i thought finally my head got clear and i would go for a nikon d40, now i stumble into a canon eos 400d for only 10 euro more... so what should i do, anny body know's what's the better one to start into the dsrl market? what better place then here to search for wisdom...
    i have no old lenses so the d40 limitations is not a big issue for me, i just want to make beautifull pictures.....

    please give me some information, i think the sale last till tomorrow evening.
  2. Aernout,

    As I said in a previous answer, you buy into a dslr system. Bodies may change, but lenses etc. do not and most times can be used on newer versions of bodies. At least, Nikon has maintained the F-mount for decades!

    Canon seems to have demonstrated a tendency over the years, when it would suit them for marketing reasons, to abandon certain lens mounts/bodies and as such make whole families of lenses orphans.

    Having said that, if you like the ergonomics of the Canon EOS 400d and have a good lens to go with the deal, just go for it...
  3. Although similar in size, the Nikon D40 and Canon 400D/XTi are actually in different classes. The 400D and the Nikon D80 are usually viewed as direct competitors.
    The 400D has a larger sensor (10mp vs. 6mp) and a more capable AF system. Both cameras can produce beautiful images, but at the prices you're stating the 400D is the far better bargain. The 400D also leaves far more doors open in terms of lens options. Canon also includes a raw converter for free; it's basic, but quite capable. If you shoot raw format with the Nikon, you'll have to buy Nikon Capture NX or a third party converter.
    I've owned both cameras, and I much prefer the feel of the D40 in my hand.

    In your circumstances, I'd have to recommend the 400D.
  4. I use both canon and nikon...the money shots are all canon...better processor...better sensor...equals cleaner images,period!
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