Nikon D500 - should it read continually when I turn it on?

Jan 13, 2006
Probably an incredibly dumb question, but I just bought a second hand Nikon D500. I have it set on shutter priority and Auto ISO. When the camera is on, the readout on the top plate is changing continually, changing the ISO and the aperture as I move it towards or away from the lightest part of a scene. Is this as it should be?
Sep 13, 2007
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If you leave your lens cap mounted on the lens, that won't happen. :ROFLMAO:

Seriously, yes, your camera is working properly. It "thinks" you are getting ready to release the shutter, so it is showing you the exposure settings that would be used at any given moment if you do release it. That allows you to change your settings before releasing the shutter if necessary.

If you look through your viewfinder and point the camera toward various light conditions requiring various exposures, you will also see the exposure settings changing there. If you instead view the settings on the rear LCD, you will also see them changing there. Getting back to my stupid joke about the lens cap, the settings won't change with the lens cap on because the lighting conditions of the scene the lens is "seeing" isn't changing.

And it's not at all a dumb question. Indeed, I had to think about it a moment before realizing the correct answer.
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Feb 4, 2006
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Also in your Auto ISO setting, check what the minimum shutter setting is set at as if it's set on a faster shutter setting, the Auto ISO will continue to change more than the shutter setting...

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