Nikon D6 live in 15 min ( 4 pm CET )

Mar 23, 2007
Collecchio, northern Italy
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So, after speaking about the D6 like a poem learned by heart (everything by memory), I made a few questions from here onwards and three of them (out of 4) were somehow answered here

1) was the buffer reduced ? (just for the sake of it, D5 shot 200 RAW in a row on a XQD and was factory preset limited, D6 from its own manual, can get up to 146 on a faster CFExpress card :confused: which is "weird", given the size is basically the same and the card is much faster), hence my question. I won't never ever shoot so many frames anyway but for the sake of it, it's indeed weird.
2) Is animal eye-af implemented? From early reviews it seems so but there's no hint on marketing stuff.
3) What about the TC icon in D6 viewfinder? Are more TC lenses coming ?
4) What about a new 17-35 or PRO/UPDATED WA zoom for PJ ( I'm afraid with Z cameras only teles will be updated from time to time )

You can listen to his answers from his own mouth... for what he could say !
Jan 30, 2007
East TN
I'm not sure the decrease in write speed is that surprising. The processor can only do so much. My guess is they decided to prioritize the auto focus, and exposure during the continuous high shooting. Allowing them to up their game with the autofocus. After all the 200 frames a minute was just basically bragging rights. I really didn't do much to improve the camera.

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