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Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR' started by Flashg, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. Flashg


    Aug 21, 2017
    The reason Nikon keep bringing out updated models (D850) of cameras already on the market is because mugs (and l mean no offence by that term can't think of a better phrase at the moment) who appear to have money to burn and who must have the latest gizmos to play with, these updates are not going to make you a better photographer, lve been using D3s, Dr, and a D700 for many years now (lm a retired wedding & portrait snapper aged 70) and lve no intention of upgrading those cameras have served me well and do everything looks need at present, l am more interested in Nikons glassware ie 17-35/2.8D, 24-70/2.8G, 50/1.4G, 24-120/4G, 80-200/2.8D, 80-400/4.5G and an old 28/3.5PC which is used mainly with an F5 used purely for B&W architecture shots l have no interest in buying else unless of course l won the lottery then l might go silly at Greys of Westminster and buy a nice SP outfit and some lenses lve always dreamed of owning some Nikon rangefinder gear lol oh well dream on! my point is don't spend needless money on a few updates just because it's available
  2. Kingfisher


    Dec 26, 2010
    Why even worry or comment about it? I love early adopters and beta-testers as they work the bugs out and improve the used model I will be buying for almost half off of retail in about a year from now. I got more lenses and bodies than any human would want or could use so I am content and will wait out the euphoria. Also, can't take it with you so enjoy what you got and not worry about what anyone else does with their money.
  3. I enjoy new gear and I can afford it so I buy it and have fun with it. I shoot wildlife which is a different ballgame than weddings. These improvements help me. My used gear goes to my son. That's me.
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  4. RoyC01


    Jan 6, 2011
    SE USA
    As to "Beta Testers", Nikon makes sure that a large number of NPS pros get the new stuff first. Worldwide there are most likely 4 or 5 thousand NPS members today testing the new body for their specific needs. Nikon will know next week if there is anything significant that has been overlooked.
  5. LOL
    This thread is about what you can't afford
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  6. If you can afford it, buy it and be happy! if you can't, just be happy for others who can afford it. Life is too short to be whining about things you can't afford. If Nikon doesn't sell new cameras then soon there will be no Nikon....

    alexis and Georgie Beagle.
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  7. Just want to go on record as being happy for all of you that love getting new gear and can afford to do so.
  8. Tell Georgie great post!
  9. Gee - I have seldom seen such animus surrounding the D850. This is becoming silly.

    "....the latest gizmos to play with, these updates are not going to make you a better photographer...."

    Update? You are kidding right? This is like saying that an automatic transmission is an "update" to 3 on the column. Have you actually tried the AF out on a D5 or D500 to experience the difference between them and the D3S ( body that I own and love). The D850 has that AF module.

    "....(lm a retired wedding & portrait snapper aged 70) and lve no intention of upgrading those cameras have served me well and do everything looks need at present, ....)

    Well bully for you! Did it occur to you that some folks may shoot things other than weddings and portraits? I can (and have)shoot weddings and portraits with my Nikon F2 and film, but I don't any longer. No one disputes that the most important ingredient in photography is the photographer, but you don't think one who shoots action would benefit from state of the art AF capability? Or one who shoots landscapes and portraits would benefit from resolution in a 35mm size SLR that can out resolve our treasured medium format gear (which now sit seldom used on a dusty shelf in most wedding, portrait and landscape photographer's offices?) When the Hassy, Rollei and Mamiya medium format bodies came out, would you criticize those who switched from perfectly competent large format gear? Why not stick with glass plate? The new formats are, after all, just updates.

    I find your comment to be more than a little offensive. May I suggest that in the future, you might want to stop and think for a moment before criticizing others in an otherwise collegial forum. This may come as a surprise to you, but just because you see no value in "updating" does not invalidate the actions of others.
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  10. Flashg


    Aug 21, 2017
    I wasn't being offensive to anyone if you take the trouble to read my post again l said that! I shot and still do take many subjects (just that weddings and portraits and commercial was my bread & butter for years) and yes l have tried out the D5, D4 and the D810 yeah okay they are nice cameras but l sure as hell ain't gonna shell out £5000 (D5) or £3500(D850) although l could well afford either if l wanted but like lots of others l'll wait till all the hoo ha dies down and wait a couple of years then snap a mint used one for a fraction of the price, just for the record rank & file NPS members don't get the chance to road test Nikons new cameras only the chosen few eg their ambassadors, well known sports snappers, and magazine journalists etc for one thing there aren't enough cameras to go round and ordinary NPS members only get to try stuff if they are covering events where Nikon have a stand like Wimbledon etc.
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  11. So you are a new member since August 21 huh? With only 5 posts, be careful some people in this very friendly forum might suggest that you are trolling.

  12. Sadly, an offensive post does not magically become non-offensive simply by adding a disclaimer... This is a polite forum and your posts reflect poorly on you.
  13. "I wasn't being offensive to anyone...."

    Actually yes you were. Perhaps you meant, "I didn't mean to be offensive to anyone", but rest assured you were.

    Looks like Beagledog beat me to the punch.
  14. You really think we would read your post again, once was too much
    Now you don't need to win the lottery to get a new camera ?
    At 65 I can't afford to wait so at 70 even more

    Spend it while you can still enjoy it
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  15. Congrats John
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  16. The Nikon D850 is best camera since slice bread! If I had a time machine and brought this camera back to the 'cafe in 2005, I'd be regarded a demi-god amongst 'cafe members and my 2005 self would plot to steal the camera to utilize the future technology for himself. Unfortunately my 2005 self would then bash his head in frustration after realizing that XQD card readers weren't invented yet! :D :p
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  17. Wow
  18. I take offense.

    I've been using a D700 for the last 6 years. Sounds like you think I'm an idiot for upgrading to a D850.
  19. I'm not even sure why I'm replying but I bought a new D810 2 years to compliment my D700, I might not be a better photographer but my photos are better.
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