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Nikon keeps screwing up...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uncle Frank, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Nikon's biggest problem is technology related. They built so much capability and durability into the d200 that it's impossible to justify upgrading. :rolleyes: :Curved::wink:
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  2. Well Frank, I think I'll disagree with you.....

    I have a D200, like it, not likely to move for a bit (although tempted from time to time I must admit. What I need/want is glass $$$$$).

    Actually I think that Nikon is executing an excellent battlefield strategy through effective small unit tactics, at least in the DSLR arena. I know the US market is big, but it is not the world....

    I suspect they understand some of the risks they've taken, and figure that they're worth it. And quite frankly, I don't think they want to sell a whole bunch of D3's at a little bit of profit, I think they want to sell a whole bunch of camera's at a whole bunch of profit. So some must bleed so others lead....

  3. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    Frank: Thanks for the link to the $3869. I bought one for 5,000 4 months ago. Im not bitter, as I made some of the best capture of my life in that time. But this price makes me second guess buying a D700 for $3000. Especially when I know what Im getting with the D3:smile:. I do think the price will drop on the D700, but I can't wait 6 months for that happen. So when the difference is only $869.oo between the D3-D700. That isnt enough savings to make me down grade to the D700.

  4. If this is screwing up, I want Nikon to keep doing it. $5000 is the MSRP for the D3. AFAIK, that MSRP has not changed which I assume means that Nikon's list price to its dealers remains the same. The fact that certain retailers are selling D3s for under 4k tells me that demand has softened and retailers are reducing their profit margin.

    As far as the D700 goes, I really like the fact that Nikon doesn't cripple their cameras. For this particular launch, the coming 5D replacement may have played a role too.
  5. Tosh


    May 6, 2005
    I think the $3869 D3 at 42nd St. Photo is probably an import model. Perhaps I missed it, but I didn't see any reference to a Nikon USA warranty in the sales listing.
    The cheapest USA model D3 that I've seen is $4099.99 (free shipping) at US1Camera.com. http://www.us1photo.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=5192
    Their import D3 is $3869.

    Neither 42nd St. Photo nor US1Camera.com has the stellar reputation of stores like B&H, Norman Camera, Berger, ePhotocraft, etc. But the prices are alluring.

    There might be more than an $869 difference between the D700 and D3 US models.
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  6. first of all, frank
    42nd st. photo has the reputation of being CROOKS....
    no reputable dealer is selling a D3 for that low a price

    and.... if folks really think a D700 is the same as a D3.....
    well.... that's fine by me
    i'm thrilled with my D3... and it was worth every single one of the dollars i paid for it
  7. I think the dollars quoted are rather overstated. E.g. basing the D3 to D700 price difference on a "$3,869" D3. It sounds a bit fishy to me. Their reseller ratings aren't that great either:


    The D3 is available at lower prices, no doubt. E.g. B&H has it for $4,539.95 plus shipping. But that's still about $1,300 more than a D700 with a grip, or about $1,540 more if one removes the grip option.

    And after the D700 is around for a bit, its price will drop as well.

    About $3,250 at B&H, but close enough. Again, the D300's been out for a little bit, and its price has dropped down from MSRP. Give it time, the street price of the D700 will drop soon enough.
  8. nipprdog


    Jun 8, 2006
    You're case would get thrown out in a court of law. It's based on flawed evidence. 42nd st photo has a resellerrating.com of 6 out of 10. :rolleyes: 

    So, most likely, they're a typical 'bait and switch'. Which means hardly anyone, if anyone, is getting D3s at that price. But they do want to sell you a generic 2g CF card for $50. :rolleyes: 

    Reputable dealers like B&H, and my local shop, still show $4.999 for the D3.

    Btw, 42nd is also trying to sell the Nikon D3X for $5500.


    A camera that hasn't been announced yet. :rolleyes:  :rolleyes: 
  9. FYI it's $4,539.95 at B&H, plus shipping. But yes, nowhere near the price claimed by 42nd St.
  10. nipprdog


    Jun 8, 2006
  11. Pete


    Jun 10, 2006
    Denver, CO
    Yeah, they are really screwing up. They got me to take $3000 out of my pocket for a D700 and I even had to buy a few new lenses to go with it.
  12. iLLMaCK

    iLLMaCK Guest

    I'll take Nikons marketing team over us any day.
  13. deleted. sorry for upsetting d3 owners.
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  14. I hope you all note the smiley faces at the end of my post.
  15. Frank... www.dbuys.com is another dealer from which NO ONE here would buy
    these prices from crooks have been around for 20 years
    no one trusted them then.... and no one trusts them now

    are you trying to make me feel bad that i spent a full 5K on my D3 several months ago?
    yeah.... i'm really sorry i bought my camera then.... the 8,000 shots i've taken so far wouldn't have been missed at all :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :biggrin:

    honestly, frank...
    did someone spike your GRANOLA THIS MORNING? :tongue:
  16. Heck, no. The important thing is you were among the first owners, and have enjoyed the camera. Declining prices for camera bodies over time are par for the course. And for a guy in your income bracket, the price drop is mousenuts.

    Shoot and enjoy, Greg. You can't take it with you :biggrin:.
  17. nipprdog


    Jun 8, 2006
  18. frank...
    i wish i could shoot with you.... and have you use my D3... so i could see what it was really capable of... seriously

    ah.... the D3X is around the corner i suppose
    even more "ridiculously" priced for mere amateurs like me
    how will i stop from lusting over it?
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