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Nikon Mount Voigtlander 75mm 2.5?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by shelleyann, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. I'm wondering if anyone here has ever used this lens. I've been looking everywhere for one on the used market, with no success.
  2. Has anyone used this lens at all? I know it was available in Nikon F mount.
  3. rvink


    Mar 21, 2006
    New Zealand
    I had this lens for a while. The lens is very solidly made, quite small and heavy for its size. The general fit and finish is of high quality. It has a small 49mm filter size, I added a 49-52mm step-up ring so I could use the same caps and filters as my other AIS lenses. Unlike AIS lenses it lacks the "chrome ring" so there is nowhere solid on the barrel to hold onto when mounting on a camera - you end up gripping the aperture or focus rings which turn around instead.

    The focus grip is finely ribbed metal which is a bit harsh on the fingers. The focus action was smooth but firmer than AIS lenses. The close focus limit of 0.7m is ok for this focal length but not outstanding. The focus scale is given in feet and m, but the scale in feet is in red which is a bit hard to read against the black barrel. I use metric so it was no problem.

    The aperture ring moves in whole clicks at the ends of the range, but half clicks between. I prefer whole clicks of AIS lenses which makes it easier to set the aperture by feel, and easier to set the ring to intermediate settings.

    It has a 9 aperture blades which are rounded so the opening appears circular at the wider settings, and becomes polygonal only when stopped well down. Background bokeh is relatively smooth but harder background blurs sometimes appear depending on the aperture and camera-subject-background distances.

    The coatings appear to be of good quality with deeply colored reflections. Image contrast and flare resistance is good. Sharpness is also good.

    The focal length is rare for a prime lens although many telephoto zooms start at 70 or 75mm. On film/FX some photographers may find it a bit short for portraits but I rather like this short telephoto range, and I don't find it dramatically different from the common 85mm lens. The focal length is also a better fit between the standard 50mm and 105mm portrait lenses - 85mm is too close to 105mm and too far from 50mm. On DX format it is equivalent to a 115mm lens, so it's the closest you will find to the classic 105mm equivalent portrait for that format.

    Overall it is an excellent little lens with good performance. However I prefer the ergonomics of the AIS lenses (standard filter size, chrome lens grip, more legible focus scale, whole stop aperture clicks), and the optical performance was not noticeably better than my AIS 85/2. The 9 blade diaphram is nice but overall I did not feel the bokeh was much better. For a lens of this focal length the max aperture is slow, in the end I went back to using my faster AIS 85mm f2, and I sold the Voigtlander.
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