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Nikon Picture Controls

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by OHcorgis, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. I downloaded and installed Nikon Landscape and Portrait Picture controls and put in Shooting Menu/Manage Picture Control. I am not sure what I expected from these downloads. Manage Picture Control is not an option I previously have used.

    I made four Shooting Menu Banks for different shooting situations.

    What I am supposed to do with the two downloads in Manage Picture Control? Is this just yet another way to make settings and I don't even see exactly how to use them as they don't seem to be selectable. And are they going to interfere with the Banks I set?

    Maybe too much of a good thing?:rolleyes: 
  2. My understanding is that this gives the user pre-set groups of adjustments of the normal individually set internal camera controls, brightness, contrast, etc. I can see how they would be valuable for either shooting jpg's or if a user does not want to spend the time often required for post processing.

    I shoot nef's and do not find them useful for my shooting style. I prefer a neutral image and process later.
  3. Thanks Rich, I guess I installed something I really don't need. Funny thing is, I don't understand if you did want to take advantage of these pre-set groups how are they selected? Or de-select them.
  4. I'm certain there are those members who know this topic and can better describe how to install and use them and even point more uses. I believe you need the cable and have to run a sub-routine of Capture to install them.
  5. Installing them was no problem. You download the file, drop it to the highest level of your card, and the card installs the files into the Nikon Picture Controls. It is after that, I am wondering what the H to do with them, if anything.
  6. They give you additional options in the Shooting Menu. Your default in the camera is Standard. If you push the Multi-Selector dial to the right when you have the Picture Mode highlighted, it will allow you to change to any of the pre-loaded picture controls or the new ones that you loaded into the camera. To see what effect these have on contrast and saturation, push the grid button left of the LCD and the contrast and saturation points will be displayed for all of the loaded Picture Controls. This can be useful if you are shooting JPEG and don't wish to do any post processing. If you shoot RAW and use a program other than NX to process your RAW files, this will most likely be ignored in the software RAW processor.
  7. rgordin


    Jun 3, 2008
    Washington, DC
    If you download with NX, can you then use another program to edit or store without losing the effects of the picture controls?
  8. According to this earlier thread https://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/showthread.php?t=178419&page=2 (starting at post #13), this is where I read that the picture controls would only be recognized in Capture NX/NX2 when embedded in a RAW file. I cannot confirm this as the only other Camera Raw converterI have is in PSE 4 which does not support the D300 RAW files (I would have to upgrade to a newer version of Adobe PS Elements, as Adobe did not released a D300 update for PSE4).
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