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Nikon Purchase Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vandyu, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Vandyu


    May 14, 2005
    Richmond, VA
    I'm debating the D50 versus the D70s, but I'm a bit worried that buying the D70s is spending $1200 for a body and kit lens that won't be around very long since the Canon Rebel XT has 8 mega pixels, and Nikon will need a competitive model. Would those of you who follow the rumors and the early releases of product model information give me your advice on this. It is a serious purchase for me, and I will use it for hobby shooting not income generation.

    I know that digital models change about once a year, but it seems like the D70s may be a model that buys Nikon a little more time before it introduces a similarly priced 8 mega-pixel model. Also, I'm wondering if they won't change to SD memory for their next model like they did with the D50.

    Thanks for your views in advance.
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    All three of the cams that you have mentioned are good so you can't really go wrong no matter what your choice. I do have two comments. First of all, there is not enough difference between 6MP and 8MP that you are likely to notice the difference.

    Second, the fact that another cam with more (or less) MP may come out within the next year should in no way keep you from getting and enjoying one of these three cams now. I just shot with folks that are still shooting with the D100, and they still get excellent images.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Vandy, I just bought a brand new D100 for my daughter for 675.00 it takes great pics. CS Dayan
  4. kengo

    kengo Guest

    If a camera takes good pictures now, a newer model will not make the camera stop producing such good pictures.
  5. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    If you can find a D70 kit, they are around for $1099. (plus $100 rebate). I've seen some advertised at $1049.95, before $100 rebate.
    Other than a slightly larger LCD, there isn't any major differences between the D70 and D70s. In fact, I bought the D70, downloaded the firmware upgrade and have essentially the same as the D70s.
    As for photo taking ability, I love it!

    Just something to think about...
  6. I completely understand your concern.

    I have been researching and thinking about getting a DSLR(Canon vs Nikon vs Olympus) for over 2 years now. Why so long you say? A little because I did not have the cash and a little of what you are saying. "Another newer one coming out soon - maybe I should wait?".

    Well, always gonna be a newer one coming out soon. If you are not in the market then save up your dollars and then buy what you can afford and what is available at that time. Nothing wrong with the D50 at all. It just has a few less features and uses SD memory if I remember right. You can still get awesome pics out of that camera for sure!

    I personally just bought a D70s body only and went with the 24-120 VR lense. I have not even got it yet! Suppose to be here by this Friday(And the wait is killing me!). Nothing wrong with the kit lense either. I just like the VR lenses and feel like this a flexible first lense for me.

    If in fact, when Nikon comes out with a new version of the D70 or the D80 or whatever they call the new entry level version I will not sweat it at all. Now, when they come out with the D90 or 2 generations from now - maybe I will be in the market for a new body? Or maybe buying someone's D2X from this site? Hopefully, the lenses that I have at that time will still work on the new bodies? I am sure they will.

    And just another thought to ponder. You are probably gonna end up spending a whole bunch more on lenses and other equipment. Let's see:
    12-24 F2.8 something like $900, 70-200 VR $1450 or so, a good tripod and ballhead ummmm $300-600 or more, external flash $200-$300, and then there are the big zooms and other fast pro lenses. It never ends. Well, you can see the body @$900 suddenly becomes a smaller part of the big picture. Oh yeah, new computer and monitor, really nice home printer, usb or external hard drives for archiving etc.

    And my last thought - I have seen people putting their D70's D100's for sale on this site as well as other photo sites. So if you are tight on cash, you may find a great deal here or in other photo sites. I personally have not bought anything used yet but, if I were going to buy some used stuff. I would definitely feel good about buying on this site as opposed to others or EBay. From what I can tell - here at Nikon Cafe there is very high percentage of HAPPY :D  Buyer and Sellers.

    I have rambled on way to much. I hope this helps you a little bit.
  7. Check out the for sale forum right now

    DragonFlydm just posted a D100 and lens for sale for $875 I believe.

    There ya go! Whatch you waiting for?
  8. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    The biggest difference for most people between 6mp and a 8mp camera is the size of the files...
    Larger files mean more money in CF cards and HD space.
  9. Vandyu - the lenses are the expensive part of photography, even for hobbyists. I look at it like this, you're buying into a system of lenses and the camera body allows you to use all that wonderful glass that Nikon (Canon, etc...) makes. The D70, D70s, D100, etc... are all great cameras as are their Canon equivalents. With the prices of memory falling and cameras coming out all the time, you could potentially wait forever before buying a camera. Or, you could be taking awesome pictures now. Just buy the best camera for the money (in your opinion) you can afford now or in a couple of months if you need to save more. Mark (PhotoByMark) brought up some good points too, check the stuff for sale on this forum.

    Also, places like Ritz Camera usually offer 1 year financing with zero percent interest. That's how I bought my D70 kit, I paid it off over 4 months as opposed to all at once.

    Mark - how did you get on the for sale forum? It said I need 25 posts to see it.
  10. Discussion of security bugs in the Nikon Cafe deleted by a moderator.

    ... you need 25 posts.

    Discussion of security bugs in the Nikon Cafe deleted by a moderator.
  11. Discussion of security bugs in the Nikon Cafe deleted by a moderator.
  12. You are correct sir.

    I think with this post I am at t-1 to be official and get into the "For Sale" Forum. Yippee!
  13. Vandyu


    May 14, 2005
    Richmond, VA
    [Thanks for your views in advance.[/quote]

    I appreciate everyone jumping in here to give me some sound advice on my Nikon DSLR purchase. I bought a Panasonic FZ20 after much researching and looking and lurking. But, I haven't been able to really adjust to using the electronic view finder. Otherwise, it's a nice point and shoot. But, I'm going to lose several hundred dollars for a camera that I've used about five times. I don't want to make the same mistake in buying a camera twice its price. I'm leaning toward the D70s. Can anyone tell me what the "s" stands for?
  14. nothing really, just an improved model of the original. Major points to note are:
    Slightly faster AF- this was applied to the original though via firmware 2.0 update
    2.0" LCD rather than the old 1.8"
    remote jack for hard-wired remote shutter release from all angles.
    Slightly higher capacity EN-EL3A battery and MH-18A charger
  15. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005

    Here's an idea. Instead of trying to circumvent the system, how about you scroll on down to the picture galleries, take a look at some other members work and make a few comments. That 25 post requirement will zip by in only a few minutes of enjoying your fellow forum mates photos. Plus you will get to know us better that way.

    On the other hand, you could continue to try to find the cracks in the system and have one of us mean, mean moderators come down on you!
  16. Ummm - Was never looking for cracks in the system. I did not know this was a security issue at all. Never even thought about that. I have been posting here for a month or so in many forums. As many of you have seen I have a very slow connection that is why I do not browse the pic forums as much as I should.

    I apologize if I ruffled anyone's feathers but to be scolded publicly is rather bothering to me. Especially since, I did not realize this was an issue. Next time, you have an issue PM me first and we can resolve. I simply was trying to help a fellow Nikon Member out and no I am not trying to find cracks in the system. I am a casual member and contributer here and hope to keep it that way.

    BTW- I usually just browse the forums when I first go to the site and I think the first day I looked at this site and had not joined yet and went to the "" forum. I then joined a few days later.
  17. You called? :twisted:
  18. That's a pretty good trick, seeing as how you just joined 3 weeks ago :wink:.

    Don't take Chris' comments personally. He was sending a message to all newcomers. We've had a number of sub-25 posters slipping into the 4Sale forum, and some of them joined the Cafe specifically to use it as a commission-free alternative to ebay. That's not what our 4Sale forum is about, and we've had to pollice it and delete their posts.

    Besides, check out Chris's avatar. How can you get upset by someone that looks like Bill Murray coming out of a steam room? 8).

    Nah, this forum is addictive. We'll hook you soon enough :twisted:.
  19. great call Chris.

    to the original post JUST DO IT!!! you will begin having the time of your life. The d70 or d70s will probably serve you better than the d50 and sd as you grow in this
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