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Nikon Repair Time

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terri French, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I sent my D200 to Nikon in California for repair. According to UPS it arrived there last Friday morning. I called there today to see if the camera had been entered into their tracking system yet. The fellow on the phone told me that they were behind and were still entering in equipment that they received on August 20 and it would be a couple more days until they entered my camera into the system.

    Is this normal according to your experience? My new little grandson is due on Sept 10, so we know he could come any time now. I'm getting nervous that my camera won't be back in time. Once the camera is entered into the system, how long does it take? I sent preauthorization to repair anything that costs less than $350 along with my credit card number. (Thanks Wade for the tip).

    Just wondering what experience all of you have had with timing on repairs.
  2. Terri, my only experience with Nikon repairs is for lenses and in Melville, NY. I sent an 18-200VR and a 35 f/2 to them around the first of June, hoping to have them for my departure to Alaska on 10 July. I got the 18-200 back in about 3-4 weeks, as it was under warranty. The 35/2 wasn't returned until mid July, after I had already departed on the trip.

    My impression is that Nikon El Segundo is a bit faster and more responsive, and camera repairs may be different from lens repairs. I've got my fingers crossed for you. :smile:
  3. When I sent my D200 to El Segundo in February, it took 20 days from the day I sent it until I received it back from them. This included waiting for parts (I never did find out which part(s) they were out of). It didn't take them very long to get it entered. They're likely busier this time of year than in mid-February.

    Did you explain the situation with a new grandson soon to be born? You never know, it might hurry things along. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the info on your repair.
  5. What was wrong with your D200? Was the repair expensive? I did explain the situation about the baby. Hopefully someone feels sorry for me.....
  6. vz223


    Dec 7, 2007
    Same here Terry. Sent mine to Melville, NY for a cleaning and it arrived Friday. Called today and they told me it would be a few days before they even enter it, let alone look at it.
  7. My D200 is from an early production run and had the banding issue. I also had them replace the grips and rubber piece on the bottom by the tripod socket. The total was $226 I believe (although I'm trying to forget that part). When it came back, it looked like new. They did a great job. Maybe if you call them each day (at least) and nicely explain the situation, they'll get the message that you're very interested in getting it back quickly. You know, the squeaky wheel theory.
  8. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    Wow, things have changed,

    Every camera I have ever sent in was there only for a few days, but it was a warranty repair each time and one time I sent both of my D200 bodies in at the same time (banding) and had it back on my door in 3 days after they received it. They 2nd day air the cameras back to me.

    D70 remapping pixels, also warranty, less than a week.

    D300 AF repair, one week,

    Hope yours goes quickly Terri,

  9. My experience is between 10 days and 4 weeks, so you might not have it by 9/10. :frown:
  10. Darn the bad luck....!!!
  11. Glad to hear that you were happy with the repair. $226 seems fairly reasonable. If mine is more than $350, I think I'll skip the repair and get a new camera. I will try calling again on Thursday. The person on the phone today thought that if I had preauthorized the repair it would happen more quickly.
  12. Sounds like things have changed. Nikon is gaining in popularity which might not always be a good thing.....
  13. That's what I was afraid of. Hopefully I'll have an estimate soon.
  14. Well, never mailed mine in since I live nearby El Segundo.. Dropped my lenses and cameras off at the counter and in 4-5 business days they are all fixed and ready for pickup...

    Normal turn around time for Nikon is 7-10 business days once it is in the system...
    Depending on if it needs parts or something else... then factor in shipping...
  15. Terri, my experiences with Nikon west have been good. I've sent in 3 lenses and my D2x over the years--all for warranty work. About 10-12 days round trip, everything and more taken care of. My only complaint is that the record keeping is usually way behind. My D2x arrived home before it showed on their wed site!!!!!

    Hang in there!!!
  16. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Terri, if you are in need of a back-up, you are more than welcome to borrow my D200. I'm so busy these days I rarely have time to pick it up. And if I should happen to need a camera, I've also got the D50.

    Let me know if you want to borrow it and I can have it overnighted to you in the morning.
  17. Leigh, you are so wonderful. No need now. I just told another cafe member that I am going to purchase his D300.
  18. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Good for you, Terri. It will be an awesome tool in your capable hands. Of course, the offer still stands if you change your mind.
  19. Congrats on the new gear Terri! You will absolutely LOVE the 300.
  20. I just got back the estimate on my repair. It only needs a cleaning and it will cost $200. But, I am still happy I am going to get the D300. It will be nice to have a backup body.
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