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Nikon Teleconverter vs. Kenko or Sigma

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by sbutchin, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. sbutchin


    Mar 1, 2005
    Is there that much of a difference in pics when using a non-Nikon converter to warrant the price difference? Thanks
  2. Yes! Converters tend to work best with their maker's lenses. Some, like the Nikkor TC-XXe series won't mount on a non-AF-S lens. Sigma converters don't play well with non-Sigma lenses either. The best generic TC currently available seems to be the Kenko Pro 300 1.4. On some lenses, especially longer ones, it functions nicely and provides high IQ. In my experience, the Kenko 1.4 worked well with my Nikkor AF 300/2.8 but not particularly well with a Nikkor AF 180/2.8. You really need to experiment. The upside of the Kenko is that will allow autofocusing with f5.6 lenses. Good luck ... tripod recommended.
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  3. I opted for the Kenko Pro DG 300 1.4x instead of the Nikon one as there is no (for me at least) difference in image quality. It saved me enough money to get me the Nikkor 50/1.8.

    I also use the Nikkor 1.7x TC as this is a nice compromise between IQ degradation and additional reach.
  4. I use the Kenko Pro 300 1.4 with the 300/4 and the 80-400VR and it works well.
  5. Muonic


    Jun 14, 2006
    This is a key issue. So to a certain extent, it really depends on which lens you are going to use the TC on. Checking for compatibility is a must.

    I think most will agree with this. I sure do. The Kenko worked well on my 80-200 f/2.8 (two ring), but even so, there was a very slight loss of IQ when shooting wide open. Not bad, but noticeable when pixel peeping.

    I just purchased the TC-14E II to use with my 300 f/2.8. So far it seems totally seamless, and there appears to be virtually no loss of IQ, even when shooting wide open. It's expensive, but I think it's worth it in the long run.

    Good luck with your decision!! :smile:
  6. I thought the same as you . . Kenko or Nikon . . ? I borrowed a friends Nikon and put it up against the Kenko . .. Build quality the Nikon wins hands down . . Image quality you would never know the difference. . . I posted a set of pics (about 2yrs ago) asking which took what picture and no one got it correct . .

    Here are a couple of the shots . . One taken with the Nikon 1.4 the other with the Kenko Pro300 1.4


  7. Nice shots! What lens were you using for these?
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