Nikon to Sony AF Adapter Showdown: Commlite ENF-E1 Pro versus Viltrox NF-E1

Mar 4, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
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I know this comparison is a little late with the Nikon mirrorless being announced next week, but I just wanted to share my thoughts since I was able to use both of them. I'll keep this as brief as possible!

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nikon_adapter_02 by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr

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nikon_adapter_01 by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr

Cost (as of 08/18/2018):
Viltrox NF-E1 Adapter = $147 USD (EBay)
Commlite ENF-E1 PRO Adapter = $297 USD (EBay)
Winner: Viltrox

Build Quality:
Viltrox = Lightweight cheap plastic barrel and possibly plastic mounts
Commlite = All metal barrel and mount
Winner: Commlite

Viltrox: Very snappy and smooth aperture operation
Commlite: Also snappy, aperture operation not as smooth with some lenses
Winner: Viltrox - The lenses it works with operate exceptionally well

Lens Compatibility:
Viltrox: As of FW 1.2 / surprise lens that works well - Nikon 300 f4 AF-S / very useable
Commlite: As of FW .06 / suprise lens that works well - Nikon 20mm 1.8 AF-S / near native
Winner: Tie - Each adapter works well with certain lenses, depends on usage

Viltrox: Cheap build, but cheaper price, slightly better feeling operation
Commlite: Excellent build, but more expensive, better compatibility with lenses except 300mm

Overall Winner:
I will have to give it to the Viltrox, you can buy almost two Viltrox adapters for the price of one Commlite (especially with the occasional EBay discount promo codes). Also according to the Viltrox compatibility chart, it can work with the Sigma 20mm 1.4 Art if you really need a 20mm. The big surprise is just how well it works with the Nikon 300mm f4 AF-S lens. That lens used can be picked up used anywhere from $450 to $700 USD. I'd say it's at about 80% performance on a Sony body (compared to a Nikon), but that 20% performance loss is made up by gaining 5-axis IBIS and much more precise focus due to OSPDAF.

The only issue with the Viltrox is the poor build quality. I'm not sure why they went with a cheap outer housing, considering you can buy cheaper Canon AF adapters that are all metal.

Update: Okay, so after shooting with the Viltrox, I've noticed something odd with it. It's considerably narrow for an adapter, especially compared to the Commlite and even other lens adapters I've used for Sony. When shooting, it displays a hallow/vignette effect on the images, something that doesn't appear on the Commlite adapter images. I'm wondering if they undersized this adapter a little bit too much or expect the shooter to use Nikon lens profiles in raw?

Anyways, hope this helps for any potential Nikon to Sony shooters!
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