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Nikon Z to Leica M adapters are now available on Ebay!

Discussion in 'Nikon Z Mirrorless Forum' started by Jonathan F/2, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. I just saw these popping up on eBay:

    nikon z adapter in "Camera Lens Adapters, Mounts, and Tubes" | eBay

    Plus if you want to skip the FT-Z adapter while shooting Ai/non-Ai lenses, you can mount the Z to M adapter and then mount a M to F-mount adapter:

    Adapter NIK-NZ for Nikon F Auto AI AIS mount lens to Nikon Z Mount Z6 Z7 Camera | eBay

    I can vouch for the latter, since I use something similar with my Sony A7III body. I like using the M to F adapter because it creates a smaller profile (not so bulky).

    Here's my setup adapting the Nikon 50mm 1.2 AI-S using a a similar adapter configuration:
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    180520_CAMERA_PORN_004 by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr

    I also read that the glass in front of the Z7/Z6 is half the thickness of the Sony A7 series, so Leica M mount lenses should perform better. If anyone is willing to try mounting Leica/Voigtlander M glass, please share your results! :D 
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  2. What glass is that?
  3. Yeah, which glass?
  4. It's the glass that goes in front of the sensor. According to this tear down:

    "Another unique aspect: the cover glass of the Z7’s sensor is about half a thick as the Sony’s, coming in at 1.1mm. This means the Nikon will have better performance with adapted lenses right out of the box."

    Nikon Z7 Dissasembly and Teardown - Kolari Vision
  5. Thanks. Learn something new everyday! I guess I'm not really an old dog after all :D 
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  6. Without knowing the types of glass, the coatings applied and with a lack of empirical evidence, that statement isn't worth much.
  7. Lens Rentals has done extensive write-ups regarding this topic. Thinner glass usually means better adapted glass performance: A Thinner Sensor Stack

    Not to mention the previous site I linked was done by Kolari Vision and their whole business is related to modifying sensor glass for various applications.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  8. Thanks for the link. Someone will have to compare the 2 cameras with the same lens to confirm the supposition.
  9. Whaaaat??? No way! That would put pixel-peepers out of work :D :ROFLMAO: :joyful:  And didn't you know these tech-weenies can't go out in daylight . . . so they bring no real world experience to the debate. :LOL: 
  10. I think the exciting prospect is using small FF lenses like Leica and Voigtlander M glass on a Nikon Z camera. Even with Sony's latest BSI sensors, due to the thick sensor glass and smaller diameter mount, corners tend to be softer and prone to color shifting. In theory, the Nikon Z with thin sensor glass and HUGE mount, should be ideal for smaller rangefinder type lenses. ;) 
  11. I know, but it is always fun to garner a laugh at pixel-peeping!
    But seriously, I think Nikon may have made many of these decisions with both eyes on the future---lenses have gotten much better and the Z series can best take advantage of that across the frame.
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