Nikon Z9 - Things I'd Like To See

Feb 1, 2005
Things I want to see in the Z9

-Same Megapixels as the Z6, and if it does increase don’t go over 30.

-I’m fine with one card slot, but if it is expanded keep them the same format. I don’t like mixed memory card formats. Make it two XQD, don’t go the D500 XQD/SD mix.

-Frames per second is okay with 12, but make it blackout free. Sony can do this, I have faith that you can too.

-Integrated vertical grip (D5ish), or at least one that can be added that is functional. I’m glad to see you learned from your lack of planning on the Z6/Z7 and never released the stupid battery only grip. You saved yourself more embarrassment by not releasing it.

-AF-area Modes. I would like to see more options to work with the Dynamic-area AF. I’m fine with the new Wide-area AF (S)(L) taking over for the old Group Area.

-You took away the image lock button from the back of the camera, but it can be programmed to work on a couple different buttons. I would like to be able to expand the image lock button to also auto transmit that image as soon as it is locked. One button to rule them all.

-Fix the hot shoe cutout when shooting at High-speed continuous (extended). No I’m not going to use a flash, but I want to be able to trigger a remote at 12 FPS. There is a workaround, but I don’t want to need a cable to do this.
Feb 2, 2005
Maple Bay, Duncan, BC, Canada
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My list is a little longer
  • BUFFER for heavens sake! This is one of the main reasons I never bought a Z6 or Z7, Same buffer as the D850 if this is a high res body or same as D500 if it is a low res body
  • The Sony A9MKI has no real blackout so this is a must for all action and wildlife
  • Integrated or available proper grip that can hold 2 batteries (plus one in the body!)
  • SONY A9MK I has 20 fps, so why not the Z9?
  • either 24 MP full frame for great low ISO or the 61FX/26DX mp combo like the A7R MK IV
  • AF: Go back to a similar approach as D5/D850/D500 AF group approach
  • Catch up with Sony Eye af that is critical too.
  • Two slots would be nice, CF Express only.
Dec 30, 2015
Kent, United Kingdom
Nice thoughts on a Z9 but how about we get some Z lenses first?

There are two perfectly capable Z cameras out there, they may not be perfect, but they are very very good, but there is a lack of Z lenses, so before Nikon brings a new camera to the market they need to get the next 7 lenses on the roadmap in to the shops.

It is almost 12 months since Nikon announced the Z range with 3 lenses, since then we have had only 2 new lenses, 4 lenses short of the 6 we were promised for 2019. Yes I know that there is 5 and a bit months left of this year but 2 lenses in over 6 months doesn't bode well for the remainder of the year.

I suppose that I am getting a bit like a record stuck in a groove banging on about the lack of lenses, but if Nikon is going to make inroads into the market and cut Sony's share then a full series of Z lenses needs to be available to Nikon photographers as quickly as possible, the FTZ is a good fix for existing Nikon F mount lens owners but it is not the long term solution for people new to Nikon or those wanting to make use of the new Z lens mount and the benefits it brings.

My fear is that if Nikon does not get its act together quickly the FF Mirrorless ship will have sailed with Captain Sony at the helm and those that bought a Nikon Z camera will be bobbing along in the wake of that ship whilst trying to fit an adapted lens to their Z camera.
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