Nikon's come a long way (back) ..

May 14, 2006
Although I owned a Canon FTql and some FD lenses, I started shooting with Nikon in 1979 when I entered the professionally orientated photography course at Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in the Netherlands.

At that time Nikon was the standard, and consequently things like repair, second hand gear, accesories etc, were abundent and more common then Canon.

I think I don't have to get in detail about the beating Nikon took in the eighties and nineties when Canon overtook them first with the EOS film, and later digital cameras.:frown:

Fast forward to a PJ kind of shoot I did today. It was a manifestation for women rights to dress as they want of which I won't bother you with the political agenda. I have the pictures on my site, but please be warned that the climate in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular is very tolerant towards gay and lesbian rights, so to some they may seem offensive.

What struck me was how the majority of DSLR's I saw were Nikons, D3's, D3s's, D700's, D300's to name a few, and judging by the color of the longer lenses how few Canons there were (although for that kind of close up PJ work a long lens well simply is too long for me, but anyway)

It seems only yesterday to me, 2006 and 2007 to be precise, when I felt a bit like a dodo when I was shooting surf with a Nikon while everybody around me reveled (sorry, don't know if my spelling is correct here, not a native English speaker) in the superior AF and high Iso of their white lensed bodies.

I only used a simple D70S today, although I had a D3 in the bag (felt it would be a bit too much 'in your face' for the kind of shooting I was doing).Yet I was pleasantly surprised, and after postprocessing with nothing more then Capture, quite impressed with how it handled the high contrast light and mixed color temperatures. And of course I don't have to elaborate on the qualities of the ' old' D3

So Nikon IMHO has come a long way back from its fall from grace after its glory film days, and with some amazing equipmet seems to have retaken a considerable piece of the market.

Guess I'm glad I didn't switch :smile:
Aug 12, 2005
Broussard, LA, USA
I agree. Nikon was way behind a few years ago. The D3 turned that completely around and the fact that it uses a 135 sized sensor brought most of the people who started with Nikon back to the Nikon camp.
I don't know if it made anyone who started with otehr brands to swap to Nikon, but I have seen many people who started with Nikon switch back.
Which is a waste when you think about it. But a good waste for Nikon, since many of them went out and bought new gear when they switched.

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