Nikon's working on NEF support

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  1. I am sorry, but this is a REALLY pathetic excuse, and an unforgivable lapse on the part of Nikon. According to Thom Hogan the D90 has been in production in Thailand since June/July. The file format was probably fixed much before that. After all this, Nikon can't get their act together in over 2 months to implement a format update? Geez...
  2. I've just been shooting JPEG instead for now, doesn't seem to affect me too much. Lightroom 2 seems to handle the files well enough. Though I am getting ancy waiting for the RAW support.
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    Production delay = their only RAW format programmer is having time off.
    How do I know ? Production delays happen when I'm off work as well :smile:
  4. I agree.