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  1. This is a sad picture. I've found this boy sitting in the streets. A lady told me that he lost his whole family and that he lived of what people gave him.

    We took the boy to our medical post to clean him en give him new clothes. And we took him to a school and payed his school fee. This gives him a long term education, a safe environement and at least one hot meal a day.

    As Conficius said long ago you should not give a man a fish because it feeds him only one day. But if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. That's the idea behind my small African project. Education as a start to a better life.

    Reality from the streets of the Gambia.

  2. My heart breaks at the thought of the loneliness he has felt in his very short lifetime. Thankyou for caring enough for this child... hopefully, he'll thrive and become someone who can also 'pay it forward' for another child.

    One of my favourite charities which uses none of the donations for administration creates 'bed kits' for homeless street children such as this, so they have a mat, a blanket, clothing, towel, school supplies and some personal hygiene items, etc. They create the kits in the countries where they are distributed to save money on transportation and the kits are customized for the country, ie some kits will have malaria nets, etc.
    For further information

    Stand up, Jan, and take a bow for the good work you're doing for these poor little souls.
  3. Thanks for these words.
    If you are interested in our project you find information at (Dutch & English). The site needs an update but it gives all the information you need.

    Picca is the name of the school. It means 'bird' in Wolof, one of the local languages. It symbolises the fact that we want to give these kids wings to change their situation.
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    He is a handsome young man
    I am glad your folks were able to care for his educatuion
  5. Jan............. reality doesn't get any clearer than this photograph.

    I feel priviledged to be able to see your project and the difference that it making to people's lives through your ever so capable lens.

    You are good man..............

  6. nshape


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    What a great story. Im glad they were there for him.
  7. BigPixel

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    Yes. The story is moving, the image devine. What wonderful work.
  8. Matthias


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    Powerful image with a powerful story. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Seneca


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    :325: that's all I can say.
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