Nodding wild onion

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  1. This is a neat plant that I picked up last year and then moved around my yard a few times. This year I left it alone and let the poor thing bloom :) The leaves smell and taste like onion. It's a little hard to photograph, because the flower heads droop all the way over (hence the nodding part of the name, I guess), so I ended up lying on the ground trying to get a good angle ;) I didn't notice the spider in it until I was playing around with it in PS! Now that I look at it, I should have picked off that filmy stuff at the top...that's the remnants of the flower casing. Ah....hindsight! Shot with the D70, 50mm f/1.8D lens at f/2.8, 1/1600.


    I wasn't thrilled with my first shots of the wild onion, so I went back out, and this guy was there. He got a little miffed at me when I put my lens too close, so I didn't hang around long!


    I'd really like to get a macro lens or something that lets me get closer than my D70 alone does....shooting flowers and insects is addicting!
  2. Nice capture Sommer, especially the first one with the backdrop lighting. Low angle of view can be fun.

    I know the feeling about the flower casing, and other distraction that you'd discover after the fact. Also other surprises like the spider. One you wish weren't there, while the other you wish were there...

  3. Sommer,

    I love the lighting and composition of the first image. You really caught the bee at a great angle in the second image. A macro lens really will come in handy if you continue to photograph flowers. I use a zoom macro so I don't have to get quite that close. I swear I can hear him buzzing from here!
  4. The two pictures are really nice. With macro photography you really discover a lot of thing, just look at the shape of that bug feets, with the hook at the end that marvelous. If you get a macro lens, get a 105 or longer lens to have more room between yourself and the object that you intend to shoot.
  5. That is a real interesting plant Sommer and you have done a great job of photographing it. The subtle colors and lighting is very nice.
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Great stuff Sommer. First is really good including Mr. Spidey.
  7. Irene

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    Hi Sommer, I like both your images very much, especially the lighting in the first one. I would also recommend getting a macro lens, I have a Tamron 90 mm and it's great. The Sigma 105 mm someone else suggested is also a great lens. It gives you more working distance and thats a good thing.

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