Noise level % D2x & D100

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by xaviermacau, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. xaviermacau


    May 9, 2005
    Until now I only shot 2 shows, one w/D2x+300/F4 and one other w/D100+300/F4 and seem to me that D100 deals better than D2x on noise issue. Surely, that w/image well exposed, there is no problem with either.
    Want to comment?
  2. How are you processing the D2X images? Are you using Nikon's noise reduction? I find it works quite well, and use it even for ISO 400 images.

    Here is a worst case sort of image. Poor light, hand held 1/45 at 70mm, f2.8. This is a crop at around 33% zoom. What ISO would you guess?

  3. twig


    May 23, 2005
    800 I would guess if you used a d2x, ISO 1600-3200 on a D2Hs and ISO 1000 on a d2h
  4. xaviermacau


    May 9, 2005
    I missed to mention that in both cameras I used ISO 800, and noise issued happened only on those under exposed shots. Might be I fear to overexposed until this evening I learned from 123di that data from overexposed portion can also be recovered to some extent.
    Thanks for your comment. I did not upload any image, I did never cause I don't have an account; may be I should consider opening an account so to better illustrate my message.
  5. Always nice to see what folks are talking about in images.

    That image I posted, by the way, is ISO 1600 from a D2X.
  6. xaviermacau


    May 9, 2005
    On D2x, I set NR off and I mainly post process on NC and PS for things I cannot do on NC. I once took pics w/NR set on but look too much plasticity which translated in NC NR values were up to 15. D100 does not have NR in-camera as you know and on NC, I rarely use NR more than 8. May be I should try some more picture taking with different settings.
    From what I see in this forum, I'm amazed at how good pictures you people can take.
  7. The key to low noise is to hit the exposure and have good WB. With the D100 I have shot many images at 800 and for the most part did not even run them through noise reduction. For the D2H I seem to underexpose more than I would like to admit and at times I do use noise reduction. I have seen some beautiful images shot at 1600.
  8. One thing I have noted are differences between Nikon's noise reduction and the various NR apps such as Noise Ninja and Neat Image.

    I have both of those and have tried them on D2X images. I have had a hard time getting results I was happy with.

    Eventually I just gave Nikon's NR a try in NC, and it became clear that they really know how to clean up their own images. I find using "better quality" in the NR panel in NC helps a bit.

    I think it is possible this has something to do with the sort of noise the D2X produces. If you have a look at the DPR D2X review, you can see that he measured relatively low RGB noise in D2X images. Even compared to the high end and mid range Canons. The noise the D2X produces is luminance noise.

    And I think that these other noise reduction apps, while really good, are more designed to handle RGB noise. If only because that is much more common, and I think much less appealing to look at.
  9. xaviermacau


    May 9, 2005
    Tried noise ninja some time ago but did not settle. Used Fred Miranda PS action for D100 for some time, but after NC4.2.1 I gave my preference to NC. On D2X review, as well as I can remember, D2X was more capable in dealing with noise, (from dpreview?) than D2H and Hs. D100 had positive opinions on noise issue. D2H had negative opinions on noise issue but I remember seeing very good images from this camera from Yves and RReznick. I shot with D2X on the first show with NR off, then on some hundred and so pics. Then on this second show, I shot with both cameras and came to me this question. I'm sure that as Gordon says, the key lies on good exposure. I'll have to try to hit the exposure.
    Thank you all for your comment.
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