Noise Nija and Pixel Genius.

Feb 9, 2005
Penryn Cornwall England
Now that Pam and I have our own domain name and think we have found a hosting site that we may want to use then we are seriously thinking of using these 2 applications on some of our work. So:-

1. Are they any good.
2, Do you use them in RAW or JPEG.
3. Does anybody have a workflow that they are willing to share where you show how one or both of these applications could be used.

Ours goes. Nikon Capture Editor 4-Curves-Sharpening, (only if necessary), then to Nikon View-make a JPEG image at high or maximum value, then to Photoshop CS2 and then crop etc. in this application.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks Bob and Pam.
Feb 5, 2005
Bob and Pam :

I personally use Neat Image, but I'm not trying to persuade anyone to use that package. What I will say is that NoiseNinja and NI each have virtues and issues, but my observation has been that the people who get the best results delve a bit into the nuts and bolts of the packages.

That's not to say that the defaults are awful - in NI they're actually quite good, I find - but that getting just the "right" results is a bit like getting the "right" exposure, in that understanding how to address settings carefully yields greater results. Just seeing that one channel has the predominate noise in a given shot can allow for a more reasoned application of the noise reduction process, for example.

And, there's almost a guarantee that once you purchase one package, another one will become "better" with a new release, to be addressed by the package you've purchased upgrading in some period of time to come. For my needs, I've found sticking with one package, instead of switching back-and-forth like a demented table-tennis match has been much more beneficial, as I've not been having to re-ascend the learning curve so frequently.

And I'm both pleased and interested to see that you've acquired a domain name for your works. I'll be keenly looking forward to seeing this premiere for viewing !

John P.
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Feb 25, 2006
I use Noise Ninja every day at work and on my personal photos for when I shoot Hi-ISO images. Great stuff and a total life saver. It's also great for when you want to smooth over skin.
Jan 24, 2007
Kelowna B.C. Canada
Noise Ninja 2 is quite amazing for smoothing out the high noise areas without killing too much detail (sharpness) in the process)
for My night club pictures I just use its Batch processing because its auto detection is quite accurate (with the D50 profile anyway)

Never used Pixel Genius or Neat Image before, But Noise Ninja 2 is far better than CS2's Noise Reduction.
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