Noise Reduction Software - which ?

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  1. As the title suggests, what NR software do you use if any - is there a generally accepted 'best' product out there ?


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    I use Noise Ninja and it is outstanding.

    I used to use neat image (think that was the name) and it always made people look plastic.
  4. Love Nik Define 2.0!! Very customizable.

  5. I tried Noiseware Professional, Noise Ninja, and Neat Image. Of all 3, I felt that Noiseware Pro performed the best for me. I bought the plug-in for CS2/CS3 and haven't looked back. However, now that I shoot with a D3 as well as D2x, I don't find I use it that much any more.
  6. Thanks for the input all, so far Noiseware Pro has most votes (2) LOL

    Hopefully we can get a bit more feedback.
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  9. That is the exact reason I downloaded trials and made my own choice. I would highly recommend doing the same.