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NON Nikon battery for D3

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Tpsfoto, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Tpsfoto


    Jun 15, 2008
    Las Vegas NV
    Has anyone used or can reccomend a good NON Nikon battery for the D3 ?....
    When I was using Canon .....off brand batteries were no problem...

  2. 1. why would you want to do that?
    2. with over 1,500 shutter releases on 1 battery AT LEAST... why would you need one?

    you have a 5K nikon body...
    why would you save $20.00 on an off-brand battery?

    just wondering
    no offense intended
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  3. I don't get this myself:confused:  Why risk a cheap battery that may leak or burn up your 5K camera...just to save lunch money. No offense, I just don't get it.
  4. I tried one in my D3

    I have one off brand battery. Is a BP-EL4 2200mAh from DIGITAL Concepts. It works well in my D2H and D2Xs and out last the OEM battery on these cameras. But it won't work in my D3. The D3 just want read that the battery is in the camera. This maybe a Nikon thing on the D3. I bought it for a backup for the D2Xs. So if you are going to try one, make sure that your D3 will read it.
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  5. don't try to save money on a battery for a 5K camera
  6. Larry, I've had mixed experiences with off-brand batts.

    Bought an Impact (B&H) brand Li-Ion for my Panasonic DXV100B and the outer shell simply fell to pieces (out of 90 day warranty of course). But the same brand battery for my Canon G7 works as well as the original.

    My *guess* is that since the charger that comes with the D3 has a calibration function, that there *may* be a proprietary chip in the battery as well. (anybody know ???)

    BTW, while I bought an extra battery (and battery door) for my D3, it's simply for peace of mind since I am far more likely to exhaust my CF cards -- but never yet the battery!

    PS to Larry: I see you've added my/your 70-200/2.8 VR to your sig, and have now removed it from mine (sniff!)
  7. Dont have a D3, but I have no issues with Promaster batteries in my D300 or D70. Nikon doesnt make batteries. Just has someone else make them and slap their name on them. Wouldnt be surprised if Digi-power, Promaster and Nikon batteries are all made at the same company.
  8. YEP! I got my 3rd pty batt with my 2dxs in stead of a 1 gig card. If I took off the labels, I doubt if any one could tell which is which. The only diff is that the Nikon has that little 3D hologram on the bottom of it.
  9. nikon does not make the cells and they are all probably of similar quality except with a Lithium pack, the cells are only part of the system. each pack carries a chip which tracks the usage and interfaces with the camera to display remaining charge and when to calibrate. only nikon knows exactly how the interaction is supposed to take place, the off brands are trying to reverse engineer it.
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