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Nooooo!!! It's too soon!!

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Bohdan, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Harsh weather calls for harsh processing!
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  2. Hmmm, odd. Lots of grain and no saturation in these photos, Bob. Check your camera. :rolleyes: :D 
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  3. just the type of subject for monochrome. We had snow here in Winnipg the day before yesterday; it melted but more is coming today. :( 

  4. Humm, interesting snaps of winter to come. Going to be 78 degrees here today.
  5. LOL...it's not the camera...It's my disposition ...
  6. Good to know..we did have plans to visit our son in Winnipeg this weekend, but he ended up at a conference in Atlanta.
    78 in October has never happened here in Thunder Bay..
  7. We had our first frost yesterday, but what we really need is rain--lots of it. Too darned dry out here.
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  8. We've had rain most days for the past couple of weeks..not enough to soak the ground much but enough to discourage most outside work...( not that it's a bad thing:) )
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  9. Plus it allows you sneak up on deer.
  10. WOW SNOW!.. #1 and #3 are very nice compositions. IMO #2 needs some perspective correction.
  11. Wonderful images, Bohdan!
    Glad I can enjoy your snow scenes, without having to endure the hassle :) 

    I love the look of snow, if only it would stay of the roads.
  12. Thanks Binnur for your feedback.
    Thanks Bart.. all of our vehicles require snow tires where we live.
  13. .....and perhaps some harsh words for the weatherman?
  14. Beautiful images, Bohdan; but you're right....too soon! We're just waiting for a little rain to stop so we can walk the dogs in our shorts! But then again, we don't get those beautiful snow pics.
  15. I knew what the subject would be as soon as I saw your title. Snow can make for pretty photos but I can do without it.
  16. Darn tooting... ( did I just right that?)
    Still to early for it to stick around, but an early nuisance nevertheless
    I'll not send any your way then...
  17. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    Want some of this 90 degree heat we've got here? I'm still waiting for fall... :rolleyes: 

    Nice photos, Bob!
  18. Thanks Lyndee...all things considered, I'll pass on the 90 degree heat.
  19. I like the processing, and prefer the third image most.
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