Northern Hawk Owl .....

Dec 31, 2007
Alberta -Canada
Finding this Owl was a nice surprise after a winter long season with very little success.
It was fun observing this Owl hunting for a little more than an hour (naturally hunting - no bait here).
Although a number of frames were taken, I will only show 2 chosen for the expressions they convey.

# 1 - The prey has been located and the Owl shows intense concentration:

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# 2 - After successfully droping down from the perch to the ground for the kill, the Owl looks so content. I think this one could easily be called "that was good !" or "the last bite"

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Taken with a D300s + 500 F4 VR + 1.4x TC + tripod
The background is natural. The bird is perch on a burnt tree. Getting the shots was a bit challenging as it was sunny with some snow flurries. I had to circle the perch to get higher up on a steep hill to show a dark background as well as being at eye level with the Owl. The background consists of a patch of pine tree that was spared during a forest fire a few years ago. Everything around was white from snow.
All this meant ending up shooting with the subject backlit.
Slight crop for the purpose of composition on both images. The first one was shot with the camera in horizontal orientation. The second one in vertical orientation.

Thank you for looking.
Nov 16, 2008
Cabin John, Maryland
Both are terrific and thanks for clarifying that the bird wasn't baited. I'm glad the bird stayed where it was so you could get in the best position for shooting - usually when I try to do that the bird is long gone by the time I'm set up!!


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