Not a bulldozer in sight

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  1. This snapshot was taken on a steep hillside in rural Myanmar - probably 30 miles from the nearest town. There is a monastery and a very steep stairway up to the top of a high stone needle. I don't think a bulldozer, even if there was one available, could have made it to this site. There were a couple of really big rocks that needed to be moved to build a new dormitory, so man power was called for.


    Mt Popa itself


    And it turn out that when you throw a lizard like a ball, sometimes the lizard breaks.

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  2. Love it. The kid at upper right must be the supervisor! Man power indeed, and the boulder will soon be reduced to rubble by man power too.
    Mt. Popa rivals anything I've seen in Europe for being up and out of the way!
  3. What you see there is about halfway up the 777 steps from the entrance on the street of the sort-of town below.

    The view from the top is not so spectacular but it is amazing to understand that all this concrete was hauled up and mixed by hand at the top of this spire, in the heat. It is not a Buddhist temple but a temple for the nats (the spirits).

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  4. BrianDW


    May 14, 2014
    Portsmouth UK
    This is really fascinating stuff. Wonderful place.
  5. Incredibly interesting, thanks for sharing these images and explanations/history...! :)
  6. thnx
    I will get back on the 'tour' that I started later this week.
  7. Fascinating - Captivating photo's.
  8. kilofoxtrott

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    Fascinating, Lew.

    The stairway reminds me of some "Escher" illustrations. :confused:

    How I wish to be there... :(

  9. You could be there.
    I can give exact directions.;)
    fly Friedrichshaven to Frankfurt
    fly Frankfurt to Bangkok
    fly Bangkok to Yangon
    fly/train/bus Yangon to Bagan
    Take share taxi/bus to Mt Popa

    With stops about 20+ hours.
    Dress for warm weather, take hat and sun block
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  10. kilofoxtrott

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    Wow, Lew!
    That's a service. Better than a travel agency :D:D:D.

    In one and a half week I'll visit an urban jungle - NYC.
    The reason is family business. My mother in law lives there, a sister in law too. My wife haven't seen them for five years now...
    I'll take my time to go out, taking pictures as much as possible. Someone said something about Niagara... Let's see.

    I planned to visit Bangkok and Siam Reap (Angkor Wat) next year. Three days for Angkor Wat should be OK to discover the ruins from sunrise to sunset...

    Thank you very much
  11. Niagara is a good long distance from NYC but quite a sight.

    Let me know when you are planning your Thailand/Siem Reap trip and I can provide links to good planning resources.
    I have been to the temples at Angkor only once but to Thailand/Bangkok almost a dozen times.

    Great photo places each
  12. printed on canvas big for my wife.

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