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Not even @1.4, but I still like it...

Discussion in 'People' started by DrJani, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. ... and would love to hear your opinions too.

    105mm @ f/3.3, 1/125", ISO 100​

    I'm asking for critique on the PP of the shot, except for things like removing the food from her face - it all belongs there :Crunk:

    As for the composition etc... I couldn't really change anything as this is a quick shot while we were in a swing. I also couldn't get further from her because of the limited size of the swing.
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  2. Nikhe


    Oct 8, 2006
    I like it to, it´s very nice.
    But I would like the nose to be blurred a bit more, the nose tip and "things" around the base of the nose are catching a bit of my attention from that beautiful eye.
  3. Tack så mycket Nikhe!

    I know what you mean. The 'things' are mostly dried food I guess :biggrin: Blurring a bit more is a very good suggestion. Exactly that kind of a comment I was hoping for.
  4. Hi Jani,

    my comments on your PP would be worthless, as I'm just starting to learn about that aspect of photography.

    And although I'm no master of composition (yet :wink:) , I must say that I find the composition of your shot excellent. I see two diagonal lines crossing in the upper left: the one that's made up of her eyes and the other one formed by her lips, nose and forehead. Then, in the lower left her cheek forms a curve which is very nearly repeated by her curl in the upper right. I'd never taken notice of a composition like that, but I like it so much that I will surely try to shoot some portraits just like it. It even makes me want to pick up pencil and paper and draw.

    And of course, she is beautiful and that's a pretty profound look on her face.

    Thanks for sharing the shot.
  5. Thanks Frank!

    The composition was intentional, but only within certain very strict limits - this is the full frame and I couldn't back anymore. Hence, I had to tilt the composition so that I could get both eyes in. After that, the composition was set.

    I would've wanted to get also her mouth in the shot, but that just wasn't possible. Perhaps it's even better that I didn't have more space :biggrin:
  6. kwork


    Jun 8, 2006
    I'm always a fan of your work and this shot made me smile.
    I love the bits of food on her face and the detail of her eyeball.
    Have you cleaned up the white area of her eye? It looks a bit fake.
    The red areas around her eye are slightly distracting.

    My wife saw the image and she doesn't like being able to see a person's reflection in her eye. Crazy women :tongue:
  7. Thanks Kevin!

    I haven't touched the white areas. Only thing I've done to the eyes was to add some saturation and lighten a bit. But even that not on the white area.

    I guess we are so used to see some veins in the eyes that it takes us by surprise when there are none :smile:

    About the reflection; I was actually about to ask in the OP whether some find it distracting that I'm so well visible in the eye. Now I know some do :biggrin:
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