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  1. ..... but a very large leaf. Please comment on ways to shoot this large leaf, I really liked the patterns but didnt really know what to do with it. Oh, it was brown (dead).


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  2. Hi Stuart!

    I know what you mean. Actually I like both pics, first one for the color, second one for the tighter crop. Getting the entire leaf in the frame would probably result in a much less interesting view.
    If you just wanted to emphasize the pattern, you did well.
    The only problem is that the background is too sharp, which is a side effect of using a WA.
    I would have tried to somehow throw the background out of focus, either by using a faster WA wide open or by use of a longer lens (if the situation allows to increase the shooting distance).
    I guess the leaf was lying close to the ground, so lifting it a bit to increase the space between leaf and ground would have helped as well.

    Another option would be to select the leaf in PS and replace the background but I don't know if this effect would be desirable for you.
  3. Thanks

    Thanks Harry, excellent ideas, I will try and remember next time to lift the leaf and try my 50 1.8.

  4. Nice shot Stu. I am drawn to the color shot more than the B&W. I have no idea why.......but good going!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
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