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Not sure if this is the correct forum....or not.

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by Chris C, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. I'm having a ball with NX. I've just been messing with pictures at this point and not saving what I've done. Just playing around and getting comfortable with the control that is available with this great program. But today I saved my first two pictures. It took almost 2 minutes to save the first, and 2 1/2 minutes to save the second. :eek:  I know very little about computers. Turn 'em on and they either work or they don't! That's about the limit of my hardware knowledge. I knew up front my computer wasn't "stout" enough to run this program but wasn't able to upgrade right away. Retief came to the rescue and helped me out with upgrading my memory to 1.5GB. (Thanks once again, Bill!) But the program still runs slow. I don't know what much of this means, but here on a piece of paper beside me I have the following information about my computer: 120GB Hard Drive. 1.5 GB Memory. 2700 DDR Memory. Runs at 166MHZ. Processor: AMD Athlon 1.20 GHZ, 512MB RAM.

    I know there are some people in our Nikon community who have computers that would probably be capable of getting a rocket to the Moon. I don't need that.............or even want it, and certainly can't afford it. But could someone tell me at what level of upgrade I will find a comfortable (cost vs. speed) level of NX processing? A guy could fall asleep and suffer a whiplash waiting for a picture to be saved they way I'm doing it now!:biggrin:
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I have a p4 Intel2.4, ghz processor, and 1 gig ram,

    It is a tad slow. But I can work it.

    You are way slow. Not sure how your even using NX
  3. One question, Gale: On my list, where I say I have 512 MB of Ram on my Processor...................was that upgraded to 1.5 GB when I upgraded my memory? (see how little I know about all this?)
  4. Could I get some help from the computer "guru's" here on the site?
  5. Where did you get the system information? In other words, did you go to My Computer > Manage or did you go to Control Panel > System? The source of the information will inform our interpretation of the "512MB RAM".

    A couple of things to try:

    - type control-alt-delete and bring up the windows task manager. click on the performance tab and look in the lower right hand corner. record what is reported under physical memory.

    - go to an empty part of your desktop and right click. select properties. click on the settings tab. on the settings tab click advanced. somewhere should be a tab that says "adapter". click on that. you should see information about the manufacturer of your video adapter and the amount of video memory. record that.

    Post the results of what you see in the two steps above. This will help in determining what you really have for system memory and video memory.
  6. BTW, I am out of town this week on business (in Las Vegas). I mention this because while I will try to check on the data you collect and post here, it may be the following day before I get the opportunity to get online and repsond. Just want to set expectations about my response. I am sure there are others on this forum who can help as well.
  7. billg71


    May 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA

    I don't know where the 512 Mb RAM listing is coming from. If you find the My Computer icon on your desktop or in the Start Menu you can right click on it, and click on properties and you get the System Properties cover page. It will list the processor, speed, and installed memory.

    Regardless, your machine is getting a little long in the tooth and you'd be lots more comfortable with a new one. Doesn't sound like you want anything bleeding edge, just a machine that runs NX, PS, etc. without putting you to sleep between edits.

    I'd suggest a trip to a couple of Big Box stores, including Costco, and taking a look at what's available in a price range you're comfortable with. An Intel processor(Core2Duo E6420, 2.13 GHZ, is the minimum I'd start with), 2 Gb of RAM, a SATA drive(bigger is better, RAW files fill up drive space fast), and a decent video card with 128 Mb RAM will get you running happily and keep you there for a couple of years at least.

    Try to get one without a monitor and get a decent monitor. $275-350 will get you an acceptable 19" LCD for photo editing. I got a 2-pack of Viewsonic VP930b's from Costco for less than $300.00 each, taxed and delivered but they're not offering that package anymore. Here's the same monitor at Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824116365

    Here's an example from Costco online: http://www.costco.com/CTO/HPConfigu...sc1&lang=en-US&Mo=0&topnav=&model=GG757AV#ABA . Click on the 2GB DDR2667 RAM option, scroll down to the Graphics Card selection and select the 256 Mb board, scroll down a little further and delete the monitor. Update the price and you get a decent machine for $986 plus tax and delivery.

    You can get something cheaper but it just gets outdated faster.

    You might want to wait a week or two, Intel is supposed to be coming out with a hefty price drop on their processors this month and that'll work it's way to the market pretty quickly.

    Hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions. That's what this board's all about!

  8. My cousin built the machine and that's the list of info he gave me when I picked it up. I just added a 1 GB stick................don't know which of the 512 figures was updated when he installed it.
  9. Okay Doug, per your request:

    114.48 GB Capacity
    66.66 GB Free Space

    Physical Memory 1572212
    Available 1106172
    System Cache 893456
    (These three sets of numbers kept changing while I was writing!)

    Xabre 400 Rev 01
    Memory 64 MB
    Sis Compatable VGA
    Bios Information 1.04.03

    (None of which means much to me!):confused: 
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 20, 2007
  10. OK. Thanks. The changing numbers are normal since the display is dynamic and reflects the changes as programs request and relinquish memory. The data indicates that you have 1.5GB of main memory (that's the 1572212 number). So you can rest easy that the system sees all your memory. You have a very modest amount of video memory (64MB) and that is probably "shared" memory meaning that some of the video memory is really system memory and therefore kind of slow.

    An earlier poster had some very good advice. You will probably be happier with a new system. The good news is that a very servicable system for your needs won't be too expensive.

    Here is my list of what to look for:
    - any Intel Core 2 Duo processor is a huge step up for you. Don't agonize over the MHz rating. Get the cheapest Core 2 Duo that has the rest of the listed features below
    - a video card with at least 128MB of dedicated (not shared) video memory. The brand does not matter. The dedicated video memory does matter.
    - at least 2GB of system RAM
    - a moderately sized hard drive. The size of the hard drive that the system boots from is not a big deal (within some limits. 80Gb is the smallest I would accept). However, the system should have SATA (Serial ATA) drives. The simple explanation why is that SATA drives will transfer information faster.
    - if you can get a good deal at the store on a second SATA drive and have them install it, do so. The second drive should be big, at least 250GB, 500 is better. If they want more than about $200 for the drive, including installation, say no thanks, buy it online for less than $100 and intall it yourself. It is really simple: screw the drive into a bracket, connect 2 cables and you're good to go.

    That's about it. Your current system is probably operating "normally" and to get better performance from NX you need a modern processor and some more memory.

    That's my nickel's worth.
  11. one more thing

    BTW, as noted earlier, I won't be back home until Saturday. If you're still having problems or just want to talk this all over, send me a PM on Saturday. I can give you a call.
  12. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    you got good advice on the CPU requirements, It is really amazing that it is running at all on your CPU, I am literally stunned!

    Duocore, 2 GB ram, 128 video memory, big sata hard drive, and you will be good to go, and you can get the complete system for a decent price too.


  13. "Decent price"??????? I'm not sure how I'll be able to afford to go ahead and buy the NX program when my trial runs out! I wonder what a PC like the one suggested would cost?:eek: 

    By the way...............Thanks Doug (and others) for the suggestions. I'm not overly happy with the answer, but at least I know the direction I'll have to go.
  14. Okay, I just got home from Best Buy. I was looking at HP computers. Looks like the least expense I can get away with is a little under $1,000, and that's if I use my old monitor.:frown::frown::frown::frown::frown::frown::frown::frown::frown:
    Don't know if all this is that important to me. Tempted to go back to .jpeg and just forget RAW.:frown::frown::frown:
  15. You can get a Dell C521 with an AMD dual core processor, 2GB memory, ATI video card with 128MB of video memory, 160 GB SATA drive, etc for $589 with free shipping.
  16. My nephew is a Dell salesman........................and after all I've heard about Dell, I don't think that's a wise choice, is it?
  17. Don't know. I have friends who work at Dell and I know morale is kind of crappy with the layoffs and Dell's troubles in the marketplace. However, I have always believed that the hardware was of some importance but the service was of great importance. I have received very good service from Dell over the years. The only better vendor for service, at least in my personal experience, is Apple.

    If you are leery of Dell, keep looking locally.

    And remember, if you can find a system with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and the rest of the configuration falls short of your needs (on board video card with too little video memory, only 1GB [or less] of RAM, small hard drive) you can upgrade those easily. As a matter of fact, I noticed a system at CompUSA with the Core 2 Duo processor but only 1GB of RAM and the less than desirable Intel video chip on the motherboard with about 64MB of shared video memory. I think it was on sale for $499. You could add another 1GB of memory for $70 or so and a decent video card for about $100. That would bring the system up to a reasonable level of performance for your needs for about $698 before tax.

    Good luck.
  18. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005

    If funds are a prime concern then don't worry about raw, and shoot JPG, I had two D70 bodies for several years and I rarely shot raw for anything except landscapes, everything else was JPG.

    So don't fret about Raw, if you don't have the CPU horsepower. Shoot JPg and work to get the exposure right and NX or any program works fine on JPg images too!

  19. I'll get over it, but I'm pretty bummed out right now. I've not been happy with my digital images since I bought this camera 3 years ago. I bought the 18-200VR thinking that was my problem. When I still complained about my results, everyone jumped on me like a june bug and insisted I start shooting in RAW............."nothing produces good images like raw" was all I heard. Okay, I switched. Bought Jason's e-book. Downloaded the trial NX, and I'm happy as a bug in a rug with the results...................except for the speed. Now I'm told my computer is "long in the tooth" and needs replacement. ($600-$1000!):eek:  I make my living as an artist and funds are usually tight. I'll probably end up springing for the upgrade in the end, but darned if I'm agonna do it without complaining!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  20. Chris,

    If you aren't ready to drop a lot of money on new hardware, you might try running a couple of spyware and adware packages to see if there are a lot of things slowing your system down. Spybot and ad-aware (both free!) should be run. This won't replace a faster CPU or new computer, but it might help prolong the life of your system. I run them weekly on one of my systems and I can usually tell when there are lots of things (bots and ads) slowing it down.

    And yes, I do know he has an older system and can use a new computer. I'm just offering some help. I WOULD look to get a new machine if it were me.

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