Not sure why I waited to upgrade my PC with an SSD - easier than I thought!

Sep 23, 2006
I use both a Mac and a Windows 10 PC. On the Mac I can use a program to create a bootable external backup and if I get a new Mac there is the Migration Assistant app that allows the new Mac to look just like the old one - same stuff on desktop, same browser favorites, same Mail settings, etc. even if the new machine has a newer OS. I've done this several times over the years.

I've asked this a while ago but maybe something new has come along - for the PC, my understanding is that the backup programs I've used (Macrium Reflect, AOEMI Backupper) would be useful if, say, my main drive has issues and I put in a new one or, as OP has done, I upgrade to a new one. But that is restoring the system on the same machine. If I were to get a new PC, am I correct in assuming it would not be advisable to do a restore with these backups as drivers are different, memory is different, etc. Is there something like Migration Assistant available for PC?

Edit: Did some searching and found things like this: 5 Best PC Migration Software...
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Apr 26, 2008
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I have copied the system drive from one machine to another several times without problems - using Macrium Reflect.
Windows is surprised to wake up with a different body so to speak, but it quickly adapts, loading any drivers it needs. It won't work so easily with complicated setups like RAID. And you may need to download some drivers from the new manufacturer's website, typically video and sound drivers. But the machine will run and let you do that. So Macrium Reflect can certainly help you.

Of course if you have the time it is good to have a clean install on the new machine and add all your software and configure it. The last time I did that it took two days working flat out.
Mar 8, 2009
I had a problem with the recommended free version of the cloning software not showing the increased capacity of the new SSD. I cloned successfully using Samsungs own version in the end

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