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Note to all Windows users

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by barriosa, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. I know lots of people hate the Windows OS but one thing you might want to consider is, say once a year, formatting and reloading your system with a slipstreamed copy of Windows.

    What is slipstreaming you ask? Well it’s a way to create a Windows OS installation CD with ALL of the updated that have come out to date.

    Paul Thurrott's SuperSite has some instructions on creating one here. There are other sites as well.

    I'm sure there is an equivalent process for the Mac OS.
  2. Very useful. Thanks.
  3. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi fred-

    never heard of slipstreaming, i'm so out of the computer scene :)  thanks for the link.

  4. I see no real problem for people reinstalling OS on their systems every now and then. Bigger task is quality backup or data transfer to new computer. How many of you really know where your mails are stored, your certificates, temporary files, browser history, etc ... and how to handle those files? Which one to touch, which to leave alone even if they seem innocent?

    For me a policy has always been "If it ain't broke, don't EVEN TRY to fix it!". Works for me for 20+ years since my first PC. Hope this doesn't turn back on me, but I have had one (1) single incident when it was my carelessness that cost me some data. Otherwise Windows works for me since version Windows/386.

    As my mentor in my early days of computing said (he was working for Big Blue at the time and it was company policy back then) about data: "If you don't have it twice, it doesn't exist".

    I use slipstreaming all the time when it comes to fresh installs, but for me a far more usable tool is DriveSnapshot. It saved my day many times before. As I install my OS and all the needed software, I take a snapshot and simply return to it when I am in a need of clearing the mess. Similar better known product (but not necessarily higher quality) is Norton Ghost.
  5. It’s just something I like to do once a year due to all the spyware and other crap that inevitably gets installed on a PC. My suggestions was more for those people who have started to bang their heads on the wall and are ready for a format and reload. Slipstreaming just speeds up the reinstallation process.

    Lots of people like to complain about Windows but each and every time I go to work on someone’s PC they have goobs and goobs of free apps that they have installed for one reason or another and forgotten about them.

    Ghost and other such apps are great to use on a clean install. I'm using ghost server and a ghostcast session to create a clean build right now. But if a user installed an app that causes problems, ghosted that system and restores that ghost image at a latter date that problem app is restored right along with everything else.
  6. Ricky and Beelze,
    Its just something you can set up now, and have ready when you are ready to reinstall the OS. In an ideal world you should never have to do that but slipstreaming makes it easier if you ever do.
  7. Yet to have to reinstall linux due to system error. Operator error is another story.:D 

    Main rig I had to reinstall XP once and that was after Mcafee let a nasty virus through and it screwed everything up. Rigs been fine for 3 yrs now on the new install.
  8. I'll give it a try. I do reinstall everything on my PC a time or two per year.
    Will make that go much more smoothly.

    I always stay prepared to set everything up from scratch. The only thing I back up is data. And the refresh sure cleans up a lot of crud.

    About to do a new XP install on my Mac Pro too.
  9. Now this is where Ghost comes in handy. I like to keep my "data" on a seperate drive or partition from my "OS & Software" drive. Keep your images, .pst files and "My Documents" folder on a different partition or drive, and ghost that.

    And of course slipstreaming will help when you want to install or reinistall Windows on a Mac
  10. I'm a HUGE fan of both Ghost & Slipstreaming. To take it one step further, if you find and follow the directions to make an unattended install as well, then that allows your to bypass just about every single dialog during the install.


  11. Sysprep you might have heard of but my newest toy is UIU otherwise known as the Universal Imaging Utility. But that is way beyond what we can cover here.
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