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May 1, 2005
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The Moderating Team would like to take this opportunity to remind folks that on a new release, individuals have a tendency to be strident, opinionated, etc. which brings out the attributes that are not desired at the Nikon Cafe.

Please refrain from personal attacks, calling members crazy, bashing Nikon for their pricing and what were they thinking threads, etc. etc.

This area of the forum is designed for discussion of the new camera, how it would it be useful to you, to talk about new features, methods of operations, and other related areas of discussion.

A reminder from the rules and Cafe netiquette areas:

Please do keep in mind that civility and respectfulness are the watch words here at the Cafe.

Please do take into consideration that Cafe members come from countries, cultures, and time zones all over the world, and remain sensitive to and respectful of those differences.

Please do use the "Report Post" icon to alert the Cafe team to inappropriate activity rather than PMing an individual mod. Using the "Report Post" facility is more efficient as it notifies all available mods and also flags the post in question.

Community Standards: As in all communities, there is room for disagreement and debate. Contentiousness and rude behavior will not be tolerated, and members are expected to use courtesy in their exchanges on the forum. Nikon Cafe serves a wide demographic; we want everyone to feel comfortable.

Posts (or nicknames, avatars and siglines) intended to demean any person or group are prohibited.
Not open for further replies.

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