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Now I know why Fred Flinstone was so cranky!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wilk, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005

    Well, at least the damage didn't much get into the "lives lost" catigory, so I guess I can joke about it.

    Just got my power back on at 1:00pm edt - no cable (or cable internet). There is a wireless co within reach of my apt, so I signed up for a month, just $25 for 1mbps/250kbps (down/up) so it's actually a better deal than my cable co.

    At any rate, all seems well on south beach (tempers notwithstanding) - lots of trees down, some car damage, very little structural damage at all here that I can see - this whole place is built like a brick-you-know-what, and can survive a cat 3 no problem.

    The funniest/saddest thing through all this is that katrina tought the nation not one single thing with respect to red tape and such... fema is still a joke imho... sure they got water and ice to us (which I desparately needed and am thankful for) but they were habitially late with it every day... yesterday I waited 3 hours for a bag of ice, the whole while STARING straight at a trailer packed to the gills with ice. Fema and the troops were no where to be found, and the local authorities all said "we do not have permission to break the seal on a fema trailer"... what a friggin joke.

    Anyhow... if that's the worst I had it, that's not so bad. Hope everyone else got through alright. The two friends I've been in contact with outside of south beach both faired ok, one has power, one had it and lost it.

    All and all, everyone down here needs to be thankful. To one degree or another, we all got through it ok.
  2. Well I know we (Canada) just sent 180 hydro workers
    and trucks down to Florida to help you guys restore the
    power. They probably would have been there sooner but
    they were held up for eight hours at the border.:confused: 

    It is good to hear that the damage was lite, and everyone
    is getting back on their feet. And I hope you get some ice
    soon for your drinks. LOL:wink:

  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Glad to hear that you came through the Flintstone hurricane relatively unscathed. I hope that you, and all of the other folks down in FL can get back to normal life very soon.:smile:
  4. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005


    Most stared at the walls in total boredom... I took the op to get out there shooting! I was only bored when I got home :biggrin:

    The more we hear, the more it seems that the damage was pretty consitant and light compared to what could have been (the gulf coast is still in my prayers). Amazing that there were so many whinners around... but for the grace of god...
  5. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Hey Robin!

    We certainly thank ALL that send linemen our way. I'm one of the fortunate that have power inside 5 days... some will have to wait till Nov 15th!!! I couldn't even imagine what it would be like... power I can deal with, but no internet???? It's amazing the things we rely on these days.
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