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Nuclear Ship Savannah

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Tom Larsen, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Tom Larsen

    Tom Larsen

    Jan 18, 2008
    The old atomic freighter was mothballed in the James River for years, until it was towed to Norfolk for a cosmetic overhaul in 2007. I only managed a few runs near it with camera in hand, and it was not possible to get as close as I wanted. By coincidence I stumbled across the old promotional brochure in my friend Ronn's antique shop, and for those who have an interest in the early story of the ship I have linked to a gallery with the entire brochure at the bottom of this post. As before full size images are available there, and EXIF data is intact. All photos are with the D300, the ship pictures with the 18-200 VR and the brochure was shot with the 24-70 f2.8.



    This was the best I could do from the Jordan Bridge, I was getting grief from the bridge tender and had to leave.


    The rest of the photos are here:
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  2. About the time it was built, Popular Science had a three or four issue series on building a remote control, scale model of this ship.

  3. Thank you for posting these pics, i am building a model of her and every piece of additional information helps, absolutley fantastic to see her preserved, would love to visit her one day

    Also liked your Wisconsin series

    Keep posting !!!!
  4. Wow, it is just great to see her again, great images!
    I visited her in Rotterdam sometime in the late sixties, one of the most elegant ships I have ever seen.
    Do you know what her intended future is like?
  5. Thanks for sharing these with us Tom.

    Very interesting to see a nuclear ship, that had been out of use for years, beeing overhauled in times of oil prices hitting record highs.
  6. Tom Larsen

    Tom Larsen

    Jan 18, 2008
    Bruce, you would not have the old issues of Popular Science lying about? I have a good friend that told me this was the first model ship he build as a kid, though he did not build one that fancy.

    Norm, glad you liked the Wisconsin series. You are welcome to post any pictures you have of your model project in this thread, or maybe you could make a new thread, it would be fun to watch. I am planning on another visit to the Mariners Museum in Newport News, camera in hand. I will ask if they have anything special on the Savannah.

    Frits, no argument here, a good friend of mine designs sailboats and he said the same thing. Ships today are all about efficiency and driving down design and operating costs. The grace of line we saw in some of the old ships just doesn't make it today. Even the cruise ships are just oversize shoe boxes or look like bloated sneakers. You would think a bit of style would help selling the dream of a cruise. Maybe it too is just a matter of cheap and plentiful food and booze. The ship is a historic landmark, and it is hoped it will become a museum somewhere, but funding is an issue. It is somewhere in the Baltimore harbor now (Canton Docks?) on a long term storage contract. Any Baltimore Nikon shooters?

    Frank, this is strictly a cosmetic overhaul, the reactor was taken out in the early nineties, this ship will not see service again. Even in the sixties it was difficult to get permission to dock because of the nuclear propulsion, so high oil prices or not, I don't think we will ever get commercial ships with nuclear power again.
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