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Nute made me do it

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Randy, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. nothing special but I do like the candy cane look to the BG

    now I need some people to shoot (my kids are gonna hate me tonight)

  2. Very impressionistic! I like it! What lens?
  3. quess...hint: Nute made me do it
  4. Duh----Of course, some cheap, wide open piece of lust!!!!!!
  5. btw, AF is instantaneous on the D300
    (I'm saving the D3 for humans tonight)....

    and this is one Beautiful hunk of glass but the hood sucks.....can't keep a cap on and the hood at the same time and i hate hoods that screw into filters
  6. lust is right
    i could just put this baby on display and not shoot it (not really)...1.4 is alot of fun
  7. close but no cigar
    u got the aperture right anyway

    what lens did Mark (aka Nute) make famous ?
  8. Benedikt

    Benedikt Guest

    Hmm, Tammy 90?

    Edit: nope, not 1,4
  9. use guys are pullin my leg
  10. PAReams


    Apr 4, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    I'm guessing the 85/1.4 based on the display comment. That's an impressive piece of glass.
  11. u got it
  12. yep
  13. What a Awesome Lens, Great Shot Randy!
  14. Was that with the D3?
  15. that was with the d300

    the d3 in an hour when my daughter gives me permission for some portraits....i'm close to paying her....maybe i'll set it up on the tripod & use the timer for some self portraits....i'm much easier to say yes
  16. now i understand your handle here
    i think the 1.4Man would be better though
  17. If duct tape can't fix it it is neither worth keeping nor worth fixing!!!!!:wink:
  18. Hahaha! Thats Great :biggrin:
    Looking Forward to the 85 1.4 shots of your Daughter :smile:
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