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NX 2 update

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by ronnies, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Capture NX2 v2.1.0 for OS X is now available on the Nikon Europe site. Added support for the D90.

  2. Modifications enabled with ver. 2.1.0:

    * Support for RAW images captured with the D90 has been added.
    * An Extra High item has been added to the Active D-Lighting pulldown menu under Camera Settings in the Develop section of the Edit List. This option is only available for RAW images captured with any setting other than Off selected for Active D-Lighting in the camera's Shooting Menu.
    * Image Dust Off reference photos acquired with cameras such as the D3 and D300 are applied more effectively.
    * An issue theat caused Picture Control settings to be improperly applied with the following operation has been resolved:
    o The D2XMODE1 Picture Control is applied to an image from the Picture Control options under Camera Settings in the Develop section of the Edit List, and a settings file is saved from the image. (optional Landscape/Portrait Controls not yet installed).
    o The optional Landscape and/or Portrait Picture Control(s) is installed.
    o The settings file saved in step 1 is used for batch processing.
    o Picture Control settings for processed images are D2XMODE2 or D2XMODE3.
    * An issue that prevented Capture NX 2 from starting when the "My Pictures" folder was moved from its default location inside My Documents, or was deleted, has been resolved.
    * When the Browser's scrollbar was moved, an image selected and opened in the image window, and the image then edited and saved, the Browser's scrollbar returned to the top of the Browser window the next time the Browser was opened. This issue has been resolved.
    * When the Page Setup dialog was opened using either of the follwoing operations, the Printer... button was grayed out and could not be used. This issue has been resolved.
    o The print button in the activity toolbar is clicked and the Page Setup.. button in the Print layout dialog is clicked
    o Print... is selected from the File menu and the Page Setup... button in the Print layout dialog is clicked.
  3. Finally! That was very annoying...:smile:
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I dl it (from USA site) but the disk image would not open so I am dl it s second time. For some reason I only got 41 MB the first time whiel I see while dl it again that it should be 68 MB.

    BY the way the dl is proceeding very slow compared to an hour ago - the word must be out.
  5. Amen. :smile:
  6. I had to go out for an hour. I just got home and noticed this time my download was only 32 mB. Will need to try again.
  7. daveg


    Jul 14, 2008
    Same thing is happening at Nikon Europe - part file and then failure.

    Try again tomorrow.

  8. I had problems with Firefox but I am close to getting the dl (64 of 68 mb) using Safari. The dl timed out once - at 9 mb, but with Safari, it is easy to resume the dl instead of starting all over.
  9. Thanks for the info!

    I'm downloading it now and it is going very slow. It says downloading 43.4 meg which is what it says on Nikon USA site.

  10. Mike - the 68 was the Mac version,

    Once I got it it updated fine.
  11. Sorry, I see that now.
    I downloaded the windows version with no problems but it took around two hours to get it.

  12. daveg


    Jul 14, 2008
    Last night - two hours.

    This morning - two minutes!

    Installed and ready to go.

  13. I find every Nikon upgrade is like that for the first day or so.

  14. daveg


    Jul 14, 2008
    It says much about the popularity of NX that people, worldwide, are that anxious to get it downloaded and installed ASAP!

  15. Stephen Fox

    Stephen Fox Guest

    I have noticed the Nikon server does tend to time-out and fail in the early hours of an NX software release. I does show the eagerness of people wishing to benefit from new features / user interface. My download attempted yesterday failed and I will pick up at the weekend when the initial fuss has died down.

    I am too tired from my day-job to fool around with NX during the week!
  16. post

    No problem here in the UK. Downloaded and installed, no problems. Nice to see they've addressed the 'dust off' reference file issue some people had.
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