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  1. I have been using nx as a trial on a pc. Looks like that will be the one converter that I will settle on. Hopefully soon I will be getting a newer mac for photo processing. Will Nikon allow you to switch the license from the pc to mac or do you have to buy again. Or would it be better to buy the mac version and just wait till I get the mac. Thanks. bob
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    Yes, my original Nikon Capture box contained both the Windows and Mac versions on a single CD. When I upgraded to NX I downloaded the Windows version and got a new product license # that I have been using on Windows for some time. I just got a MacBook Pro, downloaded NX, entered the license # and it is now running on the Mac.
  3. You are allowed to run it on both OS's as per the NX licensing agreement. Same serial number works on both Mac and PC and you're legal for up to two of your own personal systems. From the U.S. NX license agreement:

    b) Use the full version of the SOFTWARE (“FULL SOFTWARE”) on up to two (2) of your own computers upon valid purchase of a product key (“PRODUCT KEY”) for the FULL SOFTWARE from Nikon (TRIAL SOFTWARE and FULL SOFTWARE, collectively “SOFTWARE”)

  4. Thanks Guys
    The place I have found to buy NX is amazon for 120.90. Anybody know where that can be beat?
  5. When I was considering getting it, Amazon was the best place hands down, with the only exception being occasional (and pretty rare) eBay auctions.
  6. Confirmed. I run it on both my PC and Macbook Pro. I just downloaded both versions on the computer and entered the key from Nikonmall. No problems.
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