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NX Newbie Convert

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by Chris C, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Well, I've been working with NX for a little while now. I just work them up and then don't save them. Right now it's just practice. But I'll say this much.........................I'm tickled to death with the program, what little of it I'm comfortable working with. There's a lot to learn, but I've got Jason's book to help me. Still confused on many things, but I'm learning. I know there are a lot of other programs out there.............I have PS7..............but this one just "makes sense" to me. All I can say is I've never been so pleased with the end results. I'm accomplishing results I never saw with PS. Really anxious to get more of the program under my belt so I'm much more comfortable with it. To anyone who is in the "contemplating mode" over whether or not to try it, I highly recommend Capture NX!
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  3. I use Capture NX also and like it very much. If NX would only add a cloning tool I wouldn't need to use other editor's.
  4. (wouldn't it be nice?)
  5. Have you guys tried LightRoom yet ? Well worth a look.
  6. I just got NX after about a year of decision making. Don't confuse me.:confused: :biggrin:

    All kidding aside, I've tried trial versions of everything I could get my hands on. Asked a whole lot of questions on the forum, and in PM's. And finally decided on NX. I'm happy with it, at this point. I'm certain, after I work through the learning curve, it will be just the ticket for me. It's the only one that truly made sense to my "thinking" process. Doesn't mean it's the only one for everybody, but it works for me.
  7. Best results from NX for me too. I tried LR and yes it can do the job but NX does it easier and quicker for me (I don't batch).
  8. Rick727


    Jun 1, 2007
    Hamilton, NJ
    I'm new to digital photography and processsing and do all of my work with NX. I haven't used PS so i can't compare the two but I do like the results I'm getting with NX. Now if only I can get my prints to look like the version on the screen I'd be real happy. I still have lots to learn so I think this group can expect questions from me in the future. I also have Jason's book and it has helped a great deal.

    Chris and Ian, thanks for the links to the tutorials. I'll watch them later.
  9. Rick,

    I've not done any printing of my digital images, so I may be talking out of turn here. As I understand it, if your printed images aren't looking exactly as they looked on-screen, your screen needs calibrating, or you need a better monitor. ($$$$) :biggrin: Also, printers are not all the same. Those who print could point you towards those printer models better suited for print making. (also $$$$) :biggrin:
  10. Rick727


    Jun 1, 2007
    Hamilton, NJ

    Just bought a new 24" Apple iMac. I think that calibration is the answer.

    Actually, I asked a question over in the color management forum about getting better print results. I got some great advise and my prints are looking a lot better already but I still nneed to calibrate the moniter.

    Thanks for your input and I didn't consider it out of line at all. I'm so new at digital photography and processing that I can use all the help I can get.:biggrin:
  11. I made a living with photography many years ago..................but only some of that knowledge can be effectively carried over to digital, so I'm a newbie here just like you. Glad you are on the right track.
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