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NX problem

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by Chris C, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Okay, I downloaded the trial NX. Worked up about 3 GB of images. Was happy with the results, for the most part. Obviously I have a lot to learn about the program. One thing I learned right off was my computer wasn't capable of handling NX. So a new computer is on my wish list.

    UPS arrived today with my NX package..............the disc and accompanying manuals. I downloaded the disc. Later this evening I tried to work on some images. I just thought NX was slow while using the trial version!!!! The real thing is really slow and sometimes even refuses to work. I have to close the program and start over. Talk about disappointed. Almost sorry I spent the $160!!!!!!!:frown::frown::frown:
  2. If you have a slow computer, you will really get pissed.
    I am in the same boat as you are.

    I already spent six grand on my computer (I got last year) and still I am not satisfied. Time to upgrade again!
  3. Send me your old computer when you upgrade. I'd be tickled to have it!!!!!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. NX just crashed my compter. I had to shut down with the primary button on my tower. Took me three tries to remove NX. Boy, am I unhappy!!!!!!!:frown:
  5. Sorry to hear that Chris. I am working on a three year old Toshiba 17 inch widescreen. NX is slow, in fact, it's slower than NC 4.4. I uninstalled it because I couldn't get the hang of the new workflow. I also purchased Lightroom, but lately I have been transferring photos with good old Nikon View again... and editing in 4.4. I guess I am not adapting to change as quickly as I had originally anticipated!!
  6. Chris - NX has never crashed any of my computers. The problem must be elsewhere. I can't recall the spec of your setup but NX ime requires at least 2Gb RAM to work wirh RAW files comfortably.
  7. I really enjoy NX...............or at least I enjoyed the trial version. Yes, my computer is slow. I've only got a 120 GB HD with 1.5GB Memory. 2700 DDR Memory and it runs at 166 MHZ. I found out during the trial that I needed a whole lot more computer. But even though it was slow, it worked. Then I got the disc yesterday...........installed it..........and, all of a sudden, things started locking up when I'd try to work on an image. Finally, late last night, that happened and I couldn't even close the action, program, or do anything. Had to just shut my machine down with the main button on the tower. When I turned it back on a half hour later, I removed NX and everything works fine. I have a new computer on the top of my wish list.
  8. - HD is a functionof how much you fill it up - not a factor
    - 1.5GB RAM, while you would be best with 2GB and up, it would be OK
    - speed 166MHz!!??? :eek: :eek:  here is your killer - and I mean KILLER!

    Your machine is good for web browsing and email. Seriously, today's high performance software requires high performance computers to run well (or at all). If you are serious about digital photography get a new 'puter Chris, they are so inexpensive these days.
  9. I'm painfully aware of all the above Frits. But I have to disagree with one point.....................The minimum computer I can have built will cost me almost $1,200.:eek:  I don't consider that "inexpensive".:biggrin:
  10. Agreed Chris. I meant "relatively" inexpensive (compared with computer cost in the not so distant past and the cost of our photography equipment), but still a fair bit of change.
  11. Yup! When I got my D70 a couple of years ago, everyone on the forum started harping on me to shoot RAW. I finally converted to RAW this past February. I make my living as an artist and if you've ever heard the phrase "starving artist".....................well.................................day ain't akiddin'!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: So then I started looking for a freeware program to work on RAW. Never really liked anything I tried. Finally decided to look into NX. Liked it. Saved up some money and bought the Jason's e-book and downloaded the trial version while I saved up for the program. After all that, I found my computer was "long in the tooth". So NOW I'm faced with having to purchase a new computer. This is getting really expensive. Thank God I've got three commissioned pieces in my shop right now or a new computer would be completely out of the question.

    So when I read that someone is considering shooting in RAW, I won't immediately start telling them all the great things it can do for their work. I'll ask them if their computer is powerful enough to do the job.:biggrin:
  12. Chris, the trail (oops TRIAL) version of NX should be the same as the shipping version. I understand your hardware issues, but the program did seem to work in a slow but acceptable manner for you prior to when you tried to reinstall the program from the disk.
    Have you tried to do a complete uninstall of NX? It sounds as if your install has become corrupted. After the uninstall, download and install the latest version 1.1? of NX from the Nikon website when it asks for the registration code, use the code that you received with your disc and manual.
    If that doesnt work then contact Nikon tech support on thier website and see if they might have some idea as to what to try next.
    The fact is that you did process around 3GB of photos with it prior to this issue.
  13. Yes, Conrad, I've done a complete removal. Haven't tried to re-install. Figured I'd just wait until I could afford another computer. I won't be shooting any more images until my trip at the end of August, so it's no big deal. My disc is 1.1. But I'll give your suggestion to download off the internet a try. Who knows, it might just work. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Conrad,

    I downloaded, from Nikon's site, the trial NX and added my KEY. It worked just like it did when I was using the trial version originally. I uninstalled it and installed the disc again.................................slow and slower, and even locked up. I contacted Nikon. They said the disc wasn't the newest version and all I really bought was the KEY. So I downloaded the trail and entered my KEY. All is well in Norman, OK.:biggrin: Thanks again.
  15. DeadKenny


    Aug 20, 2006
    Woking, UK
    I found NX was actually a bit quicker in some respects compared to Capture 4. The biggest bonus for me was the file browser. So much quicker. Before I had to use Nikon View for quick browsing (Windows Explorer is no good because it gives up generating thumbnails after it's loaded a certain amount of them, and it's slow too).

    Loading NEFs is a little slow though. However chucking lots of memory at it is helpful. It's now quite usable on my antique system with 1GB of ram. Just so long as I open one at a time, and don't have anything else running (like Photoshop).

    Especially annoying as I asked Nikon if I could just buy the key over the net rather than buy a physical box and they said no. Worse when the boxed versions in the UK are far more expensive than elsewhere and we don't even get the printed manual! Solved that by importing from Hong Kong though. Far cheaper and an English manual. Never touched the disc though, just entered the key into the trial version.
  16. I'm pretty sure my UK version of NX came with a printed manual.

    I have an older XP PC which is 2.6GHz CPU and only 768Mb RAM and NX works fine but slowly. It runs much better on my 12" 1.5GHz Powerbook with 1.25Gb RAM.

  17. DeadKenny


    Aug 20, 2006
    Woking, UK
    They may have added it later I guess. There were reports at the time that there was no manual unlike some of the imports. Still far too expensive in the UK though.
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