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  1. If I'm going to turn off the camera sharpening, lower contrast to normal, etc., etc., etc., in the camera settings palette, why don't I just do that in the camera and not have to mess with it in NX? Seems redundant!
  2. Same reason you shouldn't set the camera to "P" and just shoot.

    On second thought - I am not sure I understand the gist of your question. Are you asking, "Why notlet the camera make all of the decisions rather than fiddle with PS?"
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  3. No, Rick, what I'm asking is why not just turn off sharpening, set low contrast, and everything else to minimum in the camera and just make all those adjustments in NX. Seems to me that it is redundent to have all those things set in the camera and then open NX and turn them all off before going through the NX processing if I'm just going put them all back in..........to more specific amounts with the processing. Unless I've misunderstood how NX works, that's how it seems to me.
  4. Well, I have the settings in the camera so that 95% of the time I do not have to touch those settings in PP. Just a time saver I guess. Also, if I am extracting the jpg's for quick pics the settings are there for those.

  5. Thanks, Nancy. But I have been shown the "error of my ways" and have become a RAW convert. (one gets a lot of pressure to do that here on the Cafe!):biggrin:
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    Another reason is so that you can get as good an image as possible to review on the camera's LCD display. It is much easier to evaluate the sharpness, for example, if it is set to 'high' in the camera, but you might want to use an entirely different sharpening process for your finished work.

    -- Russ
  7. Good point. Hadn't thought of that. If I set it on High in the camera, I can still turn it off with NX and sharpen to a more finite degree myself.
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